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  1. Zilvercreeper67

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    So basically your this person. You get to customize what you look like, but the game choses your name. ie) Bendy Horse (MEEE IM BENDY HORSE I only went with it bc it had horse in it)

    You go around to different islands and save them, complete them, mainly save them, most aren't, 'Oh hey do this huge mission and you win.'

    There's even like a few mystery islands.

    They have one for Diary of a Wimpy Kid and The Magic Treehouse. Heh.

    You get medals each time you complete an island, and you can get money too to buy outfits or cool accessories.

    You pick up items in each island too.

    Trust me, this game is well worth your time. Join it and love it. I've been playing Poptropica for like 6 yeara now.
  2. nikkiwikki234

    nikkiwikki234 Retired Retired

    i *picks up chair* love *throws at window* thIS * holds you by your shirt collar* GAME *screams at top of lungs*
  3. TheLlamaQueen

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    I used to play Poptropica when I was like seven and I eventually gave up on it and rage quit because I'm no good at solving mysteries ;u;

    (But it is fun or so I remember)
  4. Kasai Kun

    Kasai Kun Well-Known Member

    The game got boring after a year.
  5. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    I actually played this for a while, I have like, 14 accounts because I forgot all the passwords to them xD

    Anyways, I stopped playing after, idk, the newer islands came out, and they started putting "sound" into the game.

    I guess another reason was that creepy, 2sp00ky4me Jersey Devil in Cryptids Island. Gave me nightmares for weeks.
  6. iEchoStorm

    iEchoStorm Well-Known Member

    I have played this game since I was like, 8. So it has been awhile since I have played this. Pretty sure I got scared of Zomberry island and rage quit. But, you know, young people get frightened easily.
  7. moonrise

    moonrise Well-Known Member

    gosh this game is so amazingly frustrating, i can never seem t finish an island and it kills me every time
  8. KadyTheLlama

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    I used to play the game until you needed membership to play most of the cool maps. I really liked the Charley and the Chocolate Factory map and the Diary of a Wimpy Kid ones.

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