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Discussion in 'Website games' started by Soapy193, Mar 7, 2013.

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  1. Soapy193

    Soapy193 New Member

    All of the potty racers games are AMAZING! If you haven't played them...play them RIGHT THIS SECOND xD
  2. Xin

    Xin New Member

    I think I'll pass, there are much more enjoyable games out there without all the immaturity.
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  3. Toa Lucario

    Toa Lucario Retired Staff Member Retired

    I have to agree with Xin.  My little sister was a big fan of those games and I tried them.  Personally, I think they're rather immature.
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  4. owen106

    owen106 I'm Spiderman

    Never played them, but probably won't just because I don't want to risk the chance of becoming addicted to another game, my life can't take it!
  5. Omnigod5

    Omnigod5 Legend

    and actually, there's other games exactly like potty racers, but with more maturity.
  6. Elijahboo7

    Elijahboo7 New Member

    I agree with the rest of you and that it is a silly game and that there are better apps out there
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