Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal!

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    Hi guys! Liz here doing another review of one of my favorite game series of all time!
    I know its quite strange to start with the 3rd one in the series, but this is my all time favorite, so I'll start with this for now.

    Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal, is the third installment in the Ratchet and Clank Playstation exclusive series, releasing in 2004. It is a 3D platformer, which includes a mixed variety of puzzles, minigames, and unique guns and weapons to use on your quest!

    Follow the journey of Ratchet, a Lombax, and the last of his series, as he fights against the Tyhrranoids, an aggressive alien race, and the evil Doctor Nefarious. Team up with the galactic rangers on your journey, as well as your half-weapons-backpack-half-partner, the mischievous robot, Clank.

    This game includes an enormous amount of weapons to use, each more ridiculous and creative than the next. These include...

    Suck Cannon- A whirling machine which sucks up enemies, and crates around you, turning them into ammo to shoot back at your foes!

    Agents of Doom- Release a bunch of small robots to inflict chaos upon your enemies!

    And most importantly...

    The MORPH-O-RAY!

    The weapon, created by a company named Gadgetron, was intended originally to be a disintegration ray.
    They failed.
    Instead, the Morph-O-Ray was created.
    Oh dear.
    The Morph-O-Ray is a ridiculous, infinite-ammo energy based weapon, which after focusing on an enemy after a few moments
    Yes, you heard me.
    A chicken.
    BuT WAIT
    The game has a system where after using the weapon for a while in combat, it progressively levels up, getting stronger and stronger.
    After leveling up the Morph-O-Ray, it turns the chickens into better chickens.
    These chickens
    Damaging your foes further.
    I conclude my reasoning of why this game is amazing.

    Seriously though, to anyone who owns a PS3, I'd definitely suggest picking up a copy of the Collection version of the Ratchet and Clank trilogy if you want to start this series. This includes the first 3 games, all of which are critically acclaimed.

    Thanks for reading! <3
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    Ok so I think I played a Rachet and Clank game once, at my dad's house, and it might've been this one? I know it was one of the original games from the PS2.
    From what I can remember because I was maybe 5 years old (haha woops ESRB content ratings have nothing on me), it was a pretty fun and cool game. Although actually since this was 8 years ago I was probably more interested in the gourmet cafe below my dad's house that gave me free cookies than Rachet and Clank, sadly.
  3. Lizzy (Breezy!)

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    Well, this is the third game in the series.
    You might of played the first one, or Going Commando.

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