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Discussion in 'Forest of FallenLight' started by NoMansLand, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. nikkiwikki234

    nikkiwikki234 Retired Retired

    The Gathering won't be involved at this point, not when they fight the Shadow Forest. So the majority of that theory is incorrect, but there are some bits of truth to it, however.
  2. Sparta (LiluTheCat)

    Sparta (LiluTheCat) Retired Retired

    Woo some things right! xD
  3. BryIsntHere

    BryIsntHere Senior Manager Staff Member Senior In-Game Manager

    I'm confused though, what would happen to Torrentclan in this type of prophecy because they believe the Shadow Forest is better? 
  4. FrosteeLeopard

    FrosteeLeopard Well-Known Member

    ~This is My Prophecy~ (could possibly be used later on when currect prophecy is over)

    Silence is our Enemy, it will slither through the clans one by one, first the ones With Power (Driftclan),

    Then it will collapse the quick footed runners (Meadowclan), it will Oose into the heart where fish will never again swim (Torrentclan)

    And the last will be the Beauty that will then turn to dust (Eclipseclan)

    Reunite the Old, And let Young be Young for the first time, Defeat the Silence that might devour the clans


        What this means is that a deadly illness that is slow but deadly (your choice) will go through the clans, the only way to stop it is that all the clans unite as one and find the only Cure (you can choose how to find it) that can defeat the heavy Silence witch is the illness.

           Btw, you can edit this however you want, this is just a rough draft of a prophecy
  5. yestheory

    yestheory Well-Known Member

    A Tsunami (Tsunamicrash) shall rise to defeat the Sharp feather (Sharpfeather) before it drifts to power. It all starts with the Ashen (Ashenkit), Pale (Palekit), Rowan (Rowankit), Black (Blackkit), and Red (Redkit). The Wind (open spot ^_^) will become a tornado and fight alongside the Tsunami, clearing a path of destruction. Seek the Moon. (It will all start on a full moon.)
  6. James Dailey

    James Dailey Well-Known Member

    A Paw and a Star will be two, but then join as one. They will fight the darkness away, and be more powerful than Lightclan.

    Is mean that an apprentice and a leader will join together the clans, and will fight the darkness( rogue packs that are a threat.) And they will be more powerful than Lightclan in the fight, but when it is over, they aren't more powerful than Lightclan.
  7. Patchcloudy

    Patchcloudy Well-Known Member

    The patches of clouds grew apart and the night started to fade. The Breeze started slowing and the song became silent. The Clans broke apart in conflict. The Leader of the Clan above promised peace after war.

    What it means: Losses of clanmates due to murder or illness made the clans upset with one another and so they almost broke into a war and Lightclan wanted peace

    Kadyx helped me out here~
  8. James Dailey

    James Dailey Well-Known Member

    A Falcon's shadow will blind the land, bringing darkness to all's Dreams.

    One Dove shall fight on a Lion's back, bringing light to all.

    One Fox shall come and kill the darkness.

    All Dreams shall be light.

    Until the fourth night.

    The brightest Moon shall save us all, from the unknown light.


    A character named Falconbreeze will come from the Shadow Forest and cause a panic and killing over the land.
    A character named Doveclaw with her brother, Lionskies, will save the clans, and their lost brother, Foxflight, will come and helpthem.
    But, a character name Fourclaws will restore what his father, Falconbreeze wants.
    But finally, Moongaze, (Lionskies' kit) will save the clans once and for all.
  9. Coco_The_One_And_Only

    Coco_The_One_And_Only Well-Known Member

    This is my first prophecy so its pretty bad

    When the rock has split,
    the four will come together
    when connections are lost
    they will unite

    The shadowed one of the hidden sun (Shadowedkit of EclipseClan, but he will be an apprentice by the time the current prophecy is over)
    The one who soars over the mountain high (open DriftClan spot)
    The one who runs over the open plains on the swiftest feet (open MeadowClan spot)
    And under the current of the river, the fourth will be (open TorrentClan spot)

    When prosperity seems bleak
    And the sun has set
    The moon will rise to bring the light
    To find a way to hear the stars above

    During a medicine cat meeting, there will be an earthquake and the Lightrock will crack. This causes the Clans to have no way to communicate with LightClan. Four cats will have to go out a find a (your choice) to talk with LightClan. After searching without avail, one of the cats

    Quick Note
    One of the cats has to have the prefix Sun- and be willing to kill this character, another has to have the prefix Moon-

    the one with the Sun- prefix, dies. The three remaining cats are ready to give up, but the one with the Moon- prefix, gets them to keep going. They do find a new (whatever its going to be called), making the prophecy fulfilled.
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  10. James Dailey

    James Dailey Well-Known Member

    A star will fall from the skies above, bringing darkness to all.

    A fire will spread across the land, bringing chaos.

    And only three cats can stop it.


    A comet/ meteor shower will strike the cats' homes and bring a time of "no sun"
    A dark rogue, named Blazing will try and take over the clans.
    Only three cats, named Mooncrest, Brokenpaw, and Goldenshire can stop him. They will have special powers from Lightclan, and will only have them for a limited time.
  11. Anju

    Anju Well-Known Member

    Dusk (Duskwing) will find the Running (Runningpaw) Hope (Hopepaw)

    The Claw (Clawtail) will fall..

    Letting the Dust (Dustfoot) take her revenge..

    And vanishing the Claw (Clawtail) from even the darkest of forest.

    Meaning: Duskwing, Runningpaw, and Hopepaw will kill Clawtail, and sending him to the Shadowforest. Which lets Dustfoot (Clawtail's mate) meet him again and banish him from existence.

    It's a small prophecy but yeah..

    Here's another one:

    Dusk(Duskwing) will rise

    Twilight(Someone must create a char with the prefix Twilight in MeadowClan) will fall

    Causing a chaos between Eclipse(Clan) and Meadow(Clan)

    And only the power of two can stop this

    Duskwing will become EC's leader and Twilight-- of MC will fall
    This will start a fight between EC and MC
    And two kits, one from EC, one from MC will stop the fighting

    This means someone needs to be a char from MC with the prefix Twilight(Who is willing to kill that char) and someone needs to be a kit from MC.
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  12. Owlie

    Owlie Well-Known Member

    Hey I saw this and you didn't ask me and Rose's permission for this....I don't agree with this prophecy and killing clawtail is meant to be something for revenge on him.

    I have a quick note about people coming up with prophecies, it is more fun for the community where all the cats can participate in the event. This will make Fallenlight more enjoyable for everybody on here <3 (just a rip for people coming up with prophecies)
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  13. Poppy

    Poppy Well-Known Member

    Before there is peace
    Blood will be spilled
    over wind, water, trees, light and dark
    all must unite
    before the shadow takes over


    before everything is peaceful there may be a battle, including all four clans, to defeat the hidden enemy, all of them have to unite against it,the shadow bit means the Shadow Forest basically. - Wind = Meadowclan Water = Torrentclan Trees = Driftclan Dark = Eclipseclan and Light = Lightclan

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