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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Mythic Gaming, Feb 13, 2018.

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    Hello, before you click out of this, tell me to quit whining, or anything else along those lines please understand, I mean this to help the server, not to be mean. Criticism is a good thing in many cases and I hope that this is one of them. Now to the topic at hand. Staff, I understand that you guys have lives and things to do, but you guys need to get your act together if you want to save the server. I understand that MineCraft is a dying game but we can at least try and save this once great server. There are things that can be done to save this community. One. We need active staff, go through and purge the staff team of inactive or unhelpful staff and open up the spots to the members of the community still playing. Two. We need to get our name out there again, if anyone on the server can animate or draw well then we can get YouTube videos of characters from the server and use them as a base for advertisement, we can also approach the fan run forums that exist and post on there to tell members of the Warriors community about what we are and how much fun this community can be. Thank you for your time in reading this post

    If anyone else has any ideas I would encourage you to post them under this thread as well
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    Minecraft is a dying game, but that is not the only factor. The fact is that Warriors is also a dying fandom, as it is now about 15 years old. The first book was published in 2003. Warriors isn't a very very high up level of book, and it is often a series of winding books and many spin-offs as well as different story lines. Warriors can be confusing at times, and the newer books aren't as interesting. I find that they don't have the same amount of action going on, or the same level of detail as the earlier books. The books are getting a bit tedious and it feels like the same plot or the same story just slightly changed up. A series can only have so many things before it wears them all out. In time, people tend to lose interest in the series as a whole as they grow up or grow older. They may still like the books and read it, but they might not be as invested in it as they once were. Since they grew up with the books, they might start to read others books or find other topics of interest. For example, you might have like "The Magic Treehouse" series when you were a kid. As you grew older, you still liked the books but it doesn't interest you in the same way . It still will be in your heart, it just won't be as important or as relavant to you or your changing interests. The fandom for warriors has started to move on and grow up, leaving the series behind as they find other things. There may be new people who trickle in, but it is getting less and less because less people are reading the books, and less new people are wanting to join. FallenLight is arguably the most popular server on MFGC, and with Warriors dying out slowly, less and less people get on.

    The other big issue is that Minecraft itself is dying. Minecraft has become a bit of a joke on the internet, or just a plain old game. Minecraft just doesn't have the amount of adventure as other games if you just play as basic as you can. That is where gaming communities (like MFGC) come in. MFGC offers different servers all with different things, but not much can be done when the actual game is dying. Because less people want to play Minecraft, or even associate themselves with it, not as many people will come on. There isn't much to do about that. Fact of the matter is that both Minecraft and Warriors is dying, but there isn't a whole lot that can be done since they are both such large fandoms with a limited amount that can be done.

    And trust me, staff try to be as active as possible. Staff are people too. Like you said, they have lives. Lives get in the way and they cannot be on constantly because real life is more important than a game. They are just ordinary players with a job. They experience computer problems, they have school or jobs. All of that takes away from the time they spend on, which isn't always a bad thing, because you only have one chance to live your life. "Purging" the staff of inactive or "unhelpful" staff isn't really a solution. Some inactive staff have reasons for being inactive, and the CMs know why said staff are inactive and they will not fire someone for having something in life. As you said, they have lives, stuff comes up. And who knows, those "inactive" staff might be on when you or other players aren't on at that time. They try to get on when they can. As far as "unhelpful", none of the staff are "unhelpful". They all do their part or try to do their part. They do stuff behind the scenes too that an ordinary player might not see. If a staff is actually "unhelpful" and they are not doing their job, they are taken care of accordingly by the CMs, as being staff is a job. A job has managers, and just because you might not see the person doing their job doesn't mean they aren't doing it. Staff are hired and fired as seen fit.

    The other flaw here is that firing staff doesn't technically "open" up the spots to members of the community. Why? Those spots are already open. MFGC always welcomes applications and people who want to be staff. It just makes less staff, which isn't fixing the problem. Additionally, not all members who are still playing want to be staff. Some don't have a forum account because they don't want to or they can't, some are past staff, some just don't want that level of responsibility. Any player who wants to be staff can apply. If they don't apply, they just won't be staff. Active doesn't always equal willing to be staff, and even if a player is active online, they might not be fit for the job or just not willing. As always, it is good to have as many people apply as possible!

    And yes, we do need to get MFGC out there again. It has been brought up time and time, but like I said, if Minecraft as a whole is struggling, MFGC will struggle as well. Animation and drawing characters are just a tiny part of what can be done! Which is a good thing. There are old old old videos out there of people on FallenLight going around and show casing the clans. Maybe something like that can be done. We can also post original stories, or just any for of 'art' in general to get the word out! Approaching the fan run forums is a good idea, but you also do have to be cautious. Some don't allow advertising and some aren't as connected to minecraft. Why only reach out to fan forums when you can reach out to minecraft and the fan forums?

    A key thing is, FallenLight isn't the only server on MFGC! We can get the word out about Corvus and their great competitions, the writing competitions we have here on the forums, Toxic, Mercury, and even Nations! Why just get the word out about one server when you can get the word out about all? That is the great thing about MFGC! We have so many servers and so many things to do, you can get the word out about any server because we have such a wide range to choose from. Go big or go home!

    And as a side note, MFGC isn't dying off. It is just a time of the year when people get busy with school, clubs, job, and all of that because it is the start of a new year and people want to start off good. Just because we have less players on than usual these days doesn't mean everything is dying out. Minecraft might bounce back in time, so will Warriors. New generations and people can become interested in it! The more that people get the word out, the more people we have! All servers have up and down times, we just need to push it through!

    Sorry for being long winded, but you get the gist. Anyways, Get your purple on, MFGC!
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    Thank you for your feed back, and to clear up my view on the staff things, I'm not saying that staff doesn't have open spots, I'm saying they should advertise said spots to the community more, seeing as how most people that still play are the ones that are really devoted to the server, also while we may have differing opinions it is my staunch belief that the server has been dying, seeing as how last year around this time we still were getting more than 3-8 people a day, sometimes getting 15+.
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    I think one of the reasons it seems like there are less people on now per day is because the people who used to be on nearly all the time are simply getting older. Using my needless power of rough estimation, most people on the server are about the age of 10-13 when they join. So, issue #1 when it comes to age: Many of these people are getting to points in school where homework is very time consuming, and it is piled on students to the point where playing Minecraft is simply getting in the way. Most people only join the server when they have free time, so it makes sense that the more work people have, the less likely they are to join the server. Issue #2 with age: Warriors becomes childish to others. Social pressure is something most everyone experiences, and as people get older, they have to fit in with the status quo. It fits in with any other type of social pressure; if it isn't cool and mature, it's considered pointless and embarrassing.

    It attempts to keep this short, I'll stop there, but there are many, many other reasons why it may seem like MFGC numbers are dwindling. Still, I don't think we're actually losing members, it's just that the members are losing their time.
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    I agree with Hilow. We aren't losing members. Most members try to come on as often as they can if they are still interested. Members are just losing their time. It's getting to a point in the year when some teachers are starting to have more things do, or they are starting to prepare the students for finals. All players will have times when they won't be able to get on as much. And it just happens a lot can't get on constantly because of school now, or because of life. It is very true that as the older people get, the more homework or the more invested in school they have to be. Minecraft is just another thing or a game verses their future. Of course they will pick school over Minecraft. That doesn't mean we are losing players, it just means they are getting busy.

    Every server will also have high and low points. A few years back, there was 30+ people on in a day. Why? It was when Minecraft and Warriors was at peaking popularity. Of course, most of that age group is growing up or grew up and left both things behind. Minecraft isn't as popular currently due to other games (such as Roblox) being more popular and attractive for younger generations that come on. However, Minecraft will probably come back. The new update (1.13) which is coming out this year is supposed to be an overhaul. It will add many new things. An update this big will draw people back in to play or at least will capture interest. Typically when an update comes out, more people will play. MF is just in a down point right now because there isn't as many new people joining Minecraft, and there isn't a whole lot of activity in the Minecraft community.
    Minecraft will most likely get more players again, and it will come out of the low point of where it is today. And since MFGC is a Minecraft based platform, when Minecraft has less interest, MFGC will have less interest typically. When interest goes up, we get more players. There just isn't a whole lot drawing people to Minecraft, but there isn't much to be done to draw people to Minecraft who aren't already on it. The best bet is that if you want more people, you try to reach other Minecraft forums or the Minecraft Warriors communities.

    Additionally the thing is that not every player can be on constantly, as great as that would be. People all have different lives and different schedules going on, not all of the players schedules will match up. And not everyone has access to a phone/laptop or other device 24/7 where they can get on Minecraft. Assuming most players still go to school, they won't be able to get on in the mornings or until the evening/later night. That isn't their fault, that is just life. And players also can be on when you or others aren't on. This can cause people to think differently on how busy the server actually is. For example, someone who gets on MF on a Wednesday at 2 in the afternoon won't see anyone on, because it is most likely a school day. While another person who gets on at 7-8pm on the same day might see 9+ people on.

    MyFallen does get more than 3-8 players on in a day most days, it just depends when you join or are online. Weekdays are less busy than weekends because of school. Some people just have a lot of work one night and won't be able to get on. It's all about perspective.

    I strongly believe MyFallen is not dying. It is just a combination of the facts that we are at a point in the year where players are getting busy, and that both Minecraft and Warriors isn't that popular right now. Less people does not equate to dying, it also doesn't equate to us not caring about MFGC or the staff not 'getting their act together'. It just means that we do not have as much activity going on for many reasons. There is only so much people can do for factors that are out of our control.
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    I’m growing up, and I’m busy with so many other things, sorry guys, I love you all ❤️

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