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Spawn's Upstairs (suggestions needed)

Discussion in 'Corvus' started by ilovepicklestoo, Jun 25, 2016.

  1. ilovepicklestoo

    ilovepicklestoo Retired Retired


    Currently Corvus' spawn has an entire upstairs with absolutely no decoration whatsoever. With hopes of creating a more inviting/interesting atmosphere to engage new or even old members, the Corvus team is in need of some help. 

    What do you believe would look good in our spawn? 
    Any suggestions are heavily appreciated and I will be looking over them all thoroughly. Feel free to comment below any thoughts or feelings. That means you too, Corvus team ;)

    It is possibly that none may be used (which just in case I apologize in advance) but these ideas will help us to build off of our plans or even help with future builds!

    If a member's idea were to be picked, we'd love to have you help us build it if you're willing. Rad, right?! 

    Thank you for you participation!
  2. AllanLionChild

    AllanLionChild Retired Retired


    lots and lots of dongs
  3. Doostie

    Doostie Well-Known Member

    DOONNGS x3

    Umm... we could probably have maybe parkour? Or maybe (if its possible) something to teleport you to a challenge, and there will be an amount of challenges for users to do? I might come back with more ideas, my brain is full of 'em <3 :thumbsup:


    Note: Just watch the double posting please!
  4. AllanLionChild

    AllanLionChild Retired Retired

    Ok, being serious:

    I believe that if the monthly building competition becomes reality, we should definitely have something with that. Like for example: Who the previous month's winners were (3rd-1st place), what they build.. Maybe, if possible, a tp to the three plots so people can see?

    Of course we need lots of other stuff down there, but it's just a suggestion for one thing.
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  5. Wynter

    Wynter Retired Staff Member Retired

    Ummm... if we did a building contest you know I would always win with my famous "Kill Me" or my "Daddy" plots.
  6. iEchoStorm

    iEchoStorm Well-Known Member

    I am thinking that it could be possible that we could do an area that features future events for that server, for example, it would be on a huge board. On that board would be the events, then when they are over it would say the winners or what had happened during the event.
  7. AllanLionChild

    AllanLionChild Retired Retired

    Indeed you would, that's settled already

    wyn won before it started guys

    go home

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