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Sunshower's Passing

Discussion in 'Cats' started by Peyton c:, Apr 28, 2019.

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    Sunshower's Passing
    Sunshower was one of my most favorite characters to create and role-play, and I had the most wonderful players help create her journey with me. A few of those characters mentioned in this short story are just some of who made her life so much fun yet so tragic at the same time. Of course, there were many more characters and players involved- countless numbers of people. Thank you all. I'll continue to role-play her in her afterlife, but it still feels like an "era" for me is over. The following story is told from Sunshower's point of view. The other characters involved did have their own points of view during role-play, but they aren't truly represented in this story.

    Sunshower died April 26th, 2019 around midnight, and here's how the story went:


    It came out as a hushed whisper, breathy and confused, but as realization made its tight, merciless grip around Sunshower's brain, it morphed into a low snarl through bared fangs.

    But it was the Meadowclan leader and the golden she-cat's daughter, Howlingstar, who spoke first, “Get off of him!”

    With that, Sunshower dropped her hackles and stepped forward, towards the white rogue standing on top of her beloved apprentice. She saw the glint of his claws pressing into Sandstream’s neck, and her own claws unsheathed. “It really would be best for you if you listened to her,” she warned, but her voice was menacing, like she was ready to pin this tom and dig her own claws into his neck.

    Sandstream wasn’t helpless, though, and he twisted his hind-legs under the rogue’s stomach, shoving his paws into the fleshy underside. Grunting, the rogue stumbled backwards with a frustrated growl, but he picked up one of his forepaws and slammed it down down on the Meadowclanner’s head, smashing it against stone before he could scramble back up. Sandstream was knocked out cold.

    A battle cry erupted out of Sunshower, and the she-cat hurled herself at the rogue, hailing blow after blow down on his head and shoulders. Blind rage fueled her, so much so that she wasn’t even registering whether her claws were tearing through his fur and flesh or not. Howlingstar had shot forward, too, but she had skid to a stop by Sandstream’s side; she nudged him gently, trying to get him to wake up again, but to no avail.

    The rogue winced and fumbled back as several of Sunshower’s attacks collided with his face, but her hits were sloppy. Poorly timed and awfully executed. Attacks like hers- driven by emotion- clearly weren't thought out and methodically planned. There could have been so much more power delivered in each attack, but her heart trumped her mind, and her emotions got the best of her. When the she-cat slipped up and swiped a whisker-length away from his muzzle, he surged forward, ramming a hefty paw down the left side of her face and slicing open the flesh from her cheek down to the base of her neck. Sunshower let out a shriek of surprise and pain and fell backwards.
    Why was he in front of her? Her vision was swimming, but she could still make out the faces of Sandstream and Batstar swirling in front of her face every couple of slow heartbeats. Where had Batstar come from? Wasn’t he mad at her? She slumped against something warm- maybe Sandstream- but she could feel its heat fading fast. Well, everything in this strange… dream was fading fast. That’s what Sunshower deemed this must be: a dream. Why else would the prickly black leader of Driftclan be visiting her? Plus, Sandstream was awake again.

    “Sand…?” she struggled to get out, red sputtering from her lips, “B-Batty?”

    It was another moment before she spoke again:

    “Oh… H-How I miss… you…"

    As the warmth of the something next to her vanished completely, her dulling mint eyes fluttered shut. Something new pressed up against her muzzle- something soft and smelled of Batstar. His pelt? Perhaps...

    Voices- distant and muffled- barely reached her ears, but she could pick out some of what they were saying. Their terror was real, too, and she could feel it crawling on her skin like fleas. Sunshower started to hum a response of sorts, but it came out incoherent- a soft sigh. She couldn’t force her eyes to peel back open, but she did make the tiniest move to press her nose into the ebony pelt just under it. Even if this were real, she thought, this wasn’t the farewell her beloved friend deserved, and she deemed that when she woke up again, she’d visit him. In these last moments, she wasn’t mad at her deputy anymore. She wouldn’t let herself leave this dream upset at him.

    I’ll see you soon… she thought.

    The bloody corner of her mouth twitched upwards into a half smile, and without realizing it- probably for the better- she took in one final, ragged breath, let out a soft exhale, and her chest ceased to rise again.

    The she-cat sucked in a deep breath, and with her eyes still screwed shut, she curled up into a tighter ball. That odd dream had felt so real… but now she had regained consciousness. She made a soft groaning noise, unhappy to have woken up already.

    “My dear… You’re awake,”

    It was a gentle voice. One Sunshower vaguely recognized from too many moons ago. But… who was it? Her eyes finally blinked open, only to take in the starry meadows of Lightclan on her right and the dimmed, ghostly woods of the Shadow Forest on her left. Her glinting eyes widened in realization.

    “I’m dead,” the golden she-cat mewed simply, her tone wistful.

    The voice returned, and this time, Sunshower’s eyes swung around to see the source of it, Smoggyskies, a former Driftclan medicine cat who had given her a life, “Yes, you have, but have no fear. Your friends and family below are safe,”

    Mumbling under her breath, Sunshower pushed herself to her paws. Her pelt glowed, radiating heavenly rays of light like a sunrise over Driftclan, and for a moment, she was taken aback by the sight of herself when she looked down. She noticed her pelt was clean- clear of any blood- and her flank had slimmed some, too. One of her paws shot up to her nicked ear, only to find it was still torn, and she set her paw back down with dismay.

    “I have come to welcome you, but also to give you a choice. I’m sure you can guess what it is,” Smoggyskies meowed with a short chuckle.

    The former leader glanced around herself, still somewhat awe-struck by her appearance, but she noticed one forepaw in the grass of Lightclan and the other in soil of the Shadow Forest…

    This is the border! she realized.

    “I see,” Sunshower mewed as the pieces started to fit together, “I need to choose which side,”

    “Correct, my dear, Sunshower. Your family is in Lightclan, but we do know of your lover. He is… not with us,” Smoggyskies sighed, her whiskers twitching.

    Wolfcall… Where was he?

    Sunshower’s eyes snapped to the Shadow Forest border, and as if reading her mind, Smoggyskies spoke again, “He’s deeper in the forest. I’m not sure he knows you’re here, yet,”

    The she-cat's gaze sank to her paws… Blazingskies, Deathberry, Stormstar, Lostheart. They’d all be in Lightclan, for sure. But… The she-cat picked up her paws and turned towards the Shadow Forest border. Would Wolfcall be happy to see her? She’d hope so, but even if he wasn’t, she’d spend eternity in the forest’s darkness and gloominess if it meant getting a glimpse of him or a sniff of his scent every now and again. Truth be told, she never really liked Lightclan anyways, and she’d be able to see her friends and family at the border, right?

    With her heart made up, the glowing she-cat cast one last look at Smoggyskies. “Thank you,” she mewed to the medicine cat, who only smiled back knowingly. Her paws, itching with a newfound excitement, hurried across the border, and she bound off towards the dimly lit forest to find the beacon of light in her life.

    The End

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    I'm not crying, you are.

    This is a beautiful end to a beautiful character. I'm glad to have had the chance to get to know her, and I'm sad that I missed so much of her story. She'll always hold a special place in my heart. <3
  3. Peyton c:

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    Thank you so much <3 I love Sandstream so much, too
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  5. Peyton c:

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    :( it makes me so sad, too
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    I didn't sign up for this feels trip :<
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    hehe sorry

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