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Discussion in 'Phoenix' started by Trex96, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Trex96

    Trex96 New Member

    As i have notices there are quite a few people on this server that quite enjoy playing TF2. I was just wondering whats your favorite character on the server and in the real TF2.

    I love to use the Heavy class.
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  2. GeneralLihkan

    GeneralLihkan Retired Staff

    Scout and Soldier with a Strange Liberty Launcher
  3. owen106

    owen106 I'm Spiderman

    pyro, scout, and melee demo. On the server I usually go pyro or sniper
  4. Trex96

    Trex96 New Member

    for on the server i would probly have to go and take the scout. next time i get on i should see about geting people to play.

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