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The Alicorn (Chapter One)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Dat_Rainbow_Cat, Nov 25, 2017.


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    Chapter One

    Lillian scrubbed the dishes with a small white rag that her grandmother had given her. It'll be fun, Her parents had told her. It'll be fun to stay with your Grandmother, in the land of the Alicorn! She had to admit that it sounded cool to stay a whole summer in the land of the Alicorn. Devon was a quaint little town, not too big and not too small. All the houses kept an old look, giving the whole town an ancient air. Devon was filled with fun activities during the summer, though, and most included very modernized supplies. Take the Great Alicorn Festival, for example. Giant mechanized robots marched through the streets, the young kids of Devon sitting on their back. Some of the robotic horses had horns, others had wings. Every year, one child got to sit on the Alicorn. It was considered a high honor to have your child sit on an Alicorn, and many Alicorn-children, as they were called, were often offered scholarships to the finest universities and colleges. Some people thought this was ridiculous, and for a good reason too. A whole world at their hands, just for sitting on a metal alicorn? But the people of Devon didn't listen to this 'nonsense' as they called it. They continued with their festivities. The Alicorn-Children continued gaining their prizes. As Lillian finished scrubbing the dishes, she remembered that this summer the Devon Summer Fair would be hosted. She sighed, checking the clock. To her uttermost surprise, it was still only 12:00 AM. Something about this made her scrub the dishes harder, her hands working like a whirlwind. After an hour or so, she saw her grandmother come down the stairs, a kind smile on her wrinkled face.

    "Well, Lilian," She said as she ambled down the stairs, her cane held tight. "It seems you've finished the dishes,". The elderly woman was hunched over, relying completely on her sturdy wooden cane. Lillian nodded, putting the last plate inside the wooden chest that the plates were kept in. With a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, Lillian's grandmother pressed a small wad of money to Lillian's hand. "Spend it well, darling. I'll be in my room if you need me," She gently shoved Lillian towards the door, still wearing a small smirk on her face. "See you later, don't forget Alligator." As Lillian walked through the door, she had to contain a small groan. Alligator... That was her older sister, Allison's, nickname. She shook her head. Grandma Grace must be getting confused in her old age. She grumbled as she walked down the street, gripping the money tightly. Banners and signs pointed her towards the fair, and long streamers tickled her nose. She laughed a little bit, beginning to enjoy the 'vacation' that her parents had planned out for her. She looked around the various stalls, admiring them all. She stopped by to eat some of the famous Devon Fair Burgers, two slices of bread with meatballs and cheese in between. She watched as many families went by, small children holding the hands of their parents. With a sudden jab of pain, she remembered the last time that her family had ever gone to a fair, happily, together...

    A family of four walked through the Wooden Burrow Fair, a couple with two girls, on young and one older. "Allie, Mommy, Daddy!" The little girl squealed. "Let's eat some of the cotton candy!" Her parents carefully dragged her away from the candy, trying to move her away without angering her. She stuck her thumb in her mouth, ready to throw a fit before the older girl stepped forward. "I can get Lili some cotton candy, right Lili-Wili?" The couple smiled, happy that their eldest had offered to watch out for Lilian. They nodded and walked away, letting Allison take care of the baby.

    Before she could remember what happened afterwards, a painted wooden sign caught her eye. "Roy's Amazing Alicorn", the sign proclaimed. She laughed, knowing that if she was still that little girl begging for cotton candy she would have loved to see the 'alicorn'. Feeling a sudden burst of childishness, she walked into the tent behind the signs, about to go past the second door when a man with bright green eyes stopped her.

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