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The Alicorn (Prologue)

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Dat_Rainbow_Cat, Nov 24, 2017.


What should the Alicorn's Name be?

  1. Sunshine

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  2. Meadow

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  1. Dat_Rainbow_Cat

    Dat_Rainbow_Cat Well-Known Member

    At the very beginning of time, there was nothing. Only the machine. The machine was a large, 500-ton bronze iron, and metal contraption, filled with cogs and gears. No one knew how the machine had been created, nor who had created that beautiful thing. Rumor has it that it created itself. One day the machine shook and rattled, and land was made. No one had ever seen land before, and the machine had not known what it would look like. When it finished the land, it gazed approvingly at long green fields, and hulking brown mountains with white snow at the top. But it was still empty. There were cracks - wide ones - running through the land. The machine didn't like this, so the next day it spewed out water, letting the pure blue substance flow through all the places land had not touched. The next day humans began walking out of the machine, wearing nothing but their own skin. The machine was amused by the humans. It realized that it had created them. A small sense of pride grew inside the machine, and it strived to do everything for them. As soon as the humans had begun farming and building homes, small, harmless animals were released. A spotted cow, a small pig, a chicken here and there. The machine oversaw it all. Then predators jumped out, snarling beasts and howling wolves. The humans began to fortify their homes, build weapons, and move closer together for the sake of safety. New towns started being made. Old Portsville, Lockkeeper's Grove, Wellington Creek. Towns grew into Villages. Villages grew into Cities. Cities grew into countries. All because of the machine. Sometimes the machine would put little animals into the world, hidden and camouflaged. Humans took ages to discover these. One day, though, the ground underneath the machine rattled. It sunk. The machine fell into the deep, salty waters of the Periuneter Ocean, never to be seen again. Every once in awhile there would be a sign that the machine was still alive. A scientist would discover a new type of cow here and there, perhaps a different breed of turtle. But one year, the signs stopped. No one had heard of the machine in a long, long, time. But then, the machine began to rattle. It began to shake. A stream of light shot up from the depths of the ocean and high into the sky. Crowds of people began to gather in awe. "The machine is alive!" They all said, shocked but glad. The heavy, 500 ton metal contraption began to lift into the air, surrounded by the golden light. One last animal bounded through, a horse-like creature with magnificent hair and a small horn. It was followed by another, one with wings. Then the last one leaped through, a majestic being with both wings and a horn. A beautiful cream Alicorn dived into the clouds, large angel-like wings flapping like giant eagles. It had a silky rainbow mane that seemed to be made of the purest substance on earth. They leaped through the clouds, never to be seen again. The small humans - the children - vowed to pass down the story of the Alicorn and its followers. The larger humans - the strong, muscly ones and the ones with long hair - also vowed to keep the Alicorn in their hearts. The official symbol of most countries became the alicorn, or some variation of the sort.
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  2. Owlie

    Owlie Well-Known Member


    I thought this was gonna be a My Little Pony fanfic, but wow. I underestimated you.
    Your writing is so fluid and I love the alliteration and word choice!

    (I think the name should be Elaine, it is an Irish sun goddess)
  3. Dat_Rainbow_Cat

    Dat_Rainbow_Cat Well-Known Member

    Awww thx...
    I actually really like the name Elaine!

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