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The blinding snow - Chapter Three

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Slushy, Nov 27, 2017.

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    Ripplerain (

    Darktail was almost in a straight up panic, seeing as Scorchpaw hadn't returned yet. Redstar came into view, "Why do you worry about her so much, Darktail?" Redstar sighed shaking his head. Darktail stared dead at him "Because she was the only kit that I have that lived!" She hissed, Redstar cocked his head "But you are her foster mother..?" Redstar asked, Darktail nodded "But am I still not supposed to love her?" She turned on her heels, and stalked off. Redstar sighed, and walked off too.

    Scorchpaw was almost bouncing with joy, until her mentor glared at her, "You will scare away all the prey." Ripplerain snapped at her. Scorchpaw instantly stopped, and walked quietly, Ripplerain sighed, "It's okay, just don't make too much noise." She said instantly realizing she made her upset. Scorchpaw smiled, "I will try to keep quiet." She said quietly. Scorchpaw whipped around, and crouched down, and stalked to a leaf, and leaped and bit into the spine of a mouse. Ripplerain turned and stared "...H-how did.. you?" She asked confused.

    Rainpaw felt a lot better after getting sleep, she was active now. Stormfeather walked up to her and smiled, "I think it's about time I made you a Medicine Cat now." He pressed his nose to hers, "What do you think?". Rainpaw jerked back, "I-I guess.. I think..? I don't know!?" She was really confused. Stormfeather laughed, "You're ready." Stormfeather smiled, walking out the den.

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