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The New "Tribal" Rank

Discussion in 'Forest of FallenLight' started by Sofans, Nov 16, 2014.

  1. Sofans

    Sofans Retired Staff Member Retired

    So, as many of you know we have added a paid access Tribe to Fallenlight. Here it will be explained down to the bone, if you don't understand something feel free to contact a staff member with questions. Thank you.


    - A rank given to those who have donated $7 USD to our designated donation slot  ;  http://store.myfallen.net/   ;  independantly, meaning this payment isn't going for Kitten, just independently being spent on [Tribal]. You can do the following with this rank ;

                        * Nick yourself
                        * Fly

                        * Can set 3 Homes

                        * As well as being able to have a character in the tribe that has horns and unique Tribe names. ( 1 character per person )

    FYI before you buy . . .

    - Just know that once you purchase this rank your old rank will be deleted, including a paid kitten or the generic cat rank. Once you purchase this rank you will only have this and not some others, and once one month has concluded ( How long your Tribal rank will last ) you will be sent back to the generic cat rank until further payments.

    Q and A :

    Q: Will I be able to be in the tribe if I already payed for kitten and or have it currently?
    A: No, you will have to pay separately for this unique rank.

    Q: If I donated in the past for a pack can I get in for free and bring some people along with me?
    A: If you did indeed donate in the past for a pack and we are able to validate you did so we will allow you permission to bring one friend along for the ride. Multiple people we will not allow.

    Q: If I want to kick my friend out that I invited to the tribe with me and ask someone else to join in their place can I?
    A: No, once you tell us your answer in our eyes its your final, no take backs.

    Q: If I gave my pack to someone else a while ago so they now own it under an agreement we made can I get it back since I bought it so I can get into the Tribe for free?
    A: No, once again, since you gave the privilege to them no take backs.

    Q: After the tribe has finished, can I have my pack back?

    A: No, we will not allow this due to the pack changing every three months and sometimes breaking a few before being picked up once again.

    Thank you for taking time to read this, hopefully it benefits you in understanding this new rank.
  2. nyeheheh

    nyeheheh Retired Retired

    Is there a post to validate old packs?
  3. LeCookieLucy

    LeCookieLucy Retired Staff Member Retired


    I suggest asking this under topic: "Tribal Questions"

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