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The One of Many Spirits:1

Discussion in 'Human' started by Coco_The_One_And_Only, Jul 17, 2017.

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    Leigh peeked around the corner of the building she was hiding behind. He was still there, that boy. He always leans against the wall and watches, the strangest thing? She asked herself, He always walks into that alley, before the thick fog settles. Leigh had a sneaking suspicion that it was Joel, the boy from her school. It was just like him to be creepy, always wearing hoodies and such. Though she had never seen him wear that navy cloak.

    She sucked in a breath, There he goes, she watched intently as Joel sprinted quickly into to alley. Leigh noticed that the fog, almost like magic, began to obscure him from view. This time, Leigh would get him. Her curiosity had been pecking at her ever since she saw him walk in the first time, a week ago.

    Once Leigh couldn't see him anymore, she quickly scamppered toward the alley, her heart pounding. As she went through the fog, Leigh shut her eyes tightly. Though there was no need, it was almost like the fog was an illusion, she couldn't feel the small droplets on her skin. She ducked behind a cardboard box to get her bearings. The "fog" was like a misty box covering the top and where she had entered.

    Leigh whipped her head toward the back of the brick alley. The boy had taken off the hood of his navy cloak. Now there was no mistaking it, it was Joel. He was doing some kind of chant over a trash can. Leigh's eyes widened when she saw the beautiful hawk that was perched near him on what looked to be an old bike. Its so... majestic- before she could finish the thought, the hawk's sharp yellow turned to her. It launched into the air and let out a screech.

    Joel moved so quickly, Leigh's mind could barely process it. All she knew is that Joel had been standing there, then there mist. Moments later, he wasn't there. In his place was a large timber wolf, its jaws open and snarling. "Wait, Joel!" Leigh cried, "I-its me, Leigh, from school? You can trust me." The dark brown eyes searched her, then finally, Joel spoke, hos voice low and rumbling. "I suppose we could trust you..." he turned to the falcon "What is your input, Mia?"

    The falcon squawked back at Joel, "She's a mere human! Are you sure you can trust her?" Joel paused for a second before replying, "She already knows to much, it can't hurt." He turned back to Leigh "Yes, follow us," he growled, less hostile this time, Mia the falcon falpped her wings a couple times, rising into the air. She dived gracefully into the trash can, and with a final screech, Mia disappeared. Leigh leaned over the trash can, watching the swirling vortex. She cast a last glance at Joel.

    Then she stepped into the bin and plunged downward.

    This isn't much but I know if I keep writing I won't stop :) so they with probably get more intresting as they go

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