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The Outcast- Chapter 1

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Dubstep_x_k1lla, Mar 10, 2018.

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    "Take a seat, Briggs." He repeated himself. I quickly slammed myself into a chair, to see Noah walk back into the classroom. He took the seat next to me.
    "Hm. Forgot I was in math 1," he laughed, handing me a piece of paper. It was his number.
    "Amy told me to give it to you, in the halls while I was looking for my schedule sheet." He said.
    "Mhm, ok, ok. Thanks, I guess." I said back to him, then math class started.
    After math ended, I was off to ELA- I had Amy in this class!
    "Hello, hello, class! I'm Mrs. Janssen, and I will be your English teacher! Sit anywhere you want, just take a seat, please."
    I thanked the lord for this blessing, she was not even near how strict Mr. Minhua was. I took a seat next to Amy, and she had such a stupid grin on her face I had to ask, "Why? What's up?"
    "I gave Noah Webster your number, and forced him to give you his," she laughed a little, her grin turning into a smile.
    "Hnnng, I thought he was new." I chuckled, but I was completely wrong.
    "Nope. He's been here since... 4th grade? I think." She responded, with a small wave at a girl with lightly colored blue hair. "Now, now she's new. Her name is Luna. Pretty nice," she said.
    Luna smiled and waved back, taking a seat in isolation.
    "Luna, you can sit here," I called, smiling softly. Mrs. Janssen left the room- it was completely empty except for the 15 or so students in there.
    Luna gave a sweet, dazzling smile and walked over. "Hi," she said, her voice a hoarse whisper. "I lost my voice yesterday- see, I tried out for the cheer team and screamed too much," she explained, sitting down. "Anyways, thank you."
    "Eh, no problem!" I said, letting my voice lower.
    "Ok, let's move on now, you've already bypassed 10 minutes, guys!" Mrs. Janssen said, walking back into the classroom.
    The rest of the day passed on. After ELA, Science. After Science, lunch. After lunch, band. After band, Social Studies. And after Social Studies, P.E. (Or health, depending on which you had the first semester). I chose weights over P.E. because I wanted to become a catcher in the Junior High Varsity girl's softball team. I had to have an arm, for that. Anyways, after weights, homeroom, then freedom beyond the huge silver metal doors.

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