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The Outcast- Chapter 2

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Dubstep_x_k1lla, Mar 10, 2018.

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    I ran out the huge doors and hurriedly walked on the sidewalks that I almost completely forgot about Amy. I stopped and waited for her. Finally I saw her running up to me.
    "Why are you in such a rush?" She chuckled as my pace quickened, and she followed me, soon shoulder to shoulder.
    "The first day of school was on Friday, Amy! Eek, I'm so happy to get the weekend started!" I replied. Amy nodded with please.
    "Me as well, Hannah," She said thoughtfully.
    We continued to walk down our street when all of a sudden I heard a Ding! Come from my pocket. It was my phone. I grabbed it and read the message.
    "Amy, Amy! Hold up, look!" I said, showing her my phone.

    Hey, hey, Hannah! I don't know if you remember but it's Jacob, if you still have my contact.
    Of course I remember, why would I delete it, silly!?
    Ya'know, Hannah, irdk buuut I'll go with it.

    Amy was in clear shock that all she could say was, "Oof. He's texting you, took him awhile. Took him all summer!" She added, laughing. I nodded slowly.
    "I wonder why all of a sudden he's texting me. Maybe it was meant for Lili?" I asked, turning back to my phone screen.
    "It says 'Hey, hey, Hannah,' come on, that is not meant for Lili. Really?" Amy said. I shrugged.
    "You're right. I should have thought about that." I told her.

    Anyways, Hannah. Our 7th grade band is getting back together. You and Amy wanna be in it again? Oh! And, invite anyone you want to join the band. Zach, Lili, Amy, you, and I aren't enough members.
    Sure! I do actually wanna be a part of it again. I'll ask Amy, and what about Noah Webster? He's a pretty cool guy, so he might want to be in it.
    Oh? Noah? Yeah, I sent him a message already, he said he would.
    Ah ok.

    "Amy! You wanna be in the band again?" I said with a wink.
    "Of course! Yes!" Amy said immediately.
    "Alrighty roo!" I said, sending Jacob a message.

    Yep, yep! Amy said she would be a part of the band.
    Great! How about a meeting tomorrow afternoon? Around 5:00 PM or so?
    Yeah, that works. Might wanna tell the others though.

    Text messages blew my phone up. I looked at them all.
    :Band Group Chat:
    Jacob: I scheduled a band meeting tomorrow, August 20th, 5:00 PM if you guys can come, tell me! Thanks!
    Me: Yup! That's fine.
    Amy: Mhm, fine with me!
    Noah: Yep! I am already excited!
    Zach: Lili's phone is broke, but that time will work for the both of us!
    Jacob: Great! Meet at the park, tell me if another location is needed.
    Noah: Nope, park is fine.
    Me: Mhm, park's okay with me and Amy.
    Zach: Lili and I are fine with the park.
    Jacob: Alrighty! It's set! Tomorrow, 5:00 PM at the park!
    Me: Great. So glad the band's back together :)

    By now, Amy and I had gone our separate ways. I hurried upstairs to my room. Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! I picked up my phone. It was not Jacob, or Amy, or Lili, or Noah. It was surprising me. What were my eyes seeing?
    Hey, Hannah! How are you? We haven't talked in a long, long time! -Gage
    ... Hannah? Are you there? Briggs???
    Yeah, hey, I'm good! How are things with you? And Natalie? :)
    Fine.. With me.. Natalie stopped talking to me and I don't know why...
    Oh. I saw her in Social Studies earlier today. She should be.. :( I'm so sorry Gage.
    Eh, oh well. She has more important things. Girl things. I get it :(
    People like that are annoying! I can't believe she won't talk to you! If only I had her number...
    Oh, this is her number.
    He gave me Natalie's number, and I immediately texted her.
    Hey, Natalie! It's Hannah, Hannah Briggs. Just wondering how things are between you and Gage :)
    Oh! Hi Hannah! They're fine. I stopped talking to him for a while cause it was a dare and it really hurts me.. :(
    Oh, no! Sorry to hear Natalie! :(
    It's fine. The dare ends tomorrow, at least!
    Oh, good!
    Gage, it was a dare. She said it really hurts not talking to you :(
    Oh... thank you so much Hannah! I feel so much better now :D
    Ahh, no problem! Glad I could help!

    So I knew Natalie and Gage weren't ending. I couldn't help but feel a sense of dread crawl up my spine. Why? Why was Gage taken.. By a new girl? It hurt deep inside, but from the bottom of my heart, I knew someone who would come through. Why else would Amy force him to give me his number? Of course. There was only one reason.

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