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The Outcast- Prologue

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Dubstep_x_k1lla, Mar 10, 2018.

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    I realize I haven't quite made "The Outcast" yet. Here it is! Sequel to "The Science Project" and "Over This Summer". Enjoy!
    The first day of school. I had always dreaded this moment. Yet all I could think about is seeing Gage's face again. Yet I knew he was dating Natalie, as they had started dating in the summer. I couldn't breathe thinking about it. I headed downstairs. After breakfast, I gathered my things and saw Amy outside my door, her face blunt. I walked out.
    "Hey. I'm really sorry about that whole Natalie and Gage thing." She told me, as we headed down the street.
    "Eh, no need to. It's not like I needed to have him in my life as anything more than a friend," I told her.
    As we neared our middle school, I saw a few new kids.
    "Who, and why are they joining in 8th grade? Why not 9th? When there will multiple more new kids at the high school?" I asked Amy, and she shook her head.
    "You know, I really don't know," She said, smiling.
    I was dying. I couldn't help it. How many homeroom classes were there!? I didn't have Gage, Jacob, Lili, Zach, or Amy in hardly any of my classes.
    "Oh lord," I whispered. There was a new kid on the roster.
    Noah Webster
    I gulped. Great.
    Coralina Gale
    Coral was in my class. The 7th grade "bully". Hey, maybe she changed? How was I supposed to know? I walked into my new homeroom class to see already almost everyone in there. I started making observations.
    Hmm, Coral, yeah, yeah, blonde girl, blue eyes, perfect in every way, not. Sandy blonde, spiked hair, red glasses, kind of tan? Must be a new kid, I thought, walking over to him.
    He looked up at me smiling, hopping off of the table he was sitting on, putting his Rubik's Cube on the desk. "Hey." He said.
    "Hey, what's your name? Are you new?" I asked.
    "Yeah, yeah. New kid. Noah Webster," He said, frowning. "Of course I'm not new! I just, was not in any of your classes last year, I think. Hannah, right? Amy told me about you last year," shaking his head, he hopped back onto the desk.
    "Mhm, Hannah Briggs. Ugh, see that girl? That's Coralina. Goes by Coral... DO NOT, I mean never make her angry. She would chuck you across the room, surely enough." I said to the kid, smiling softly.
    "Ah. Thanks for the informat-" He was cut off by the bell, and we hopped into our actual seats.
    Our teacher walked in, and I knew I recognized him, but I didn't think I'd be having him again! I groaned. He was my 5th grade homeroom and math teacher. Strictest one at that.
    "Hello, class. My name is Mr. Minhua, and I will be your homeroom and math teacher." He said, scanning the room. "Alright, let's start with role call. When I say your name, raise your hand and say 'here' or 'present' please."
    After role call, the bell rang. I was the first one to grab my stuff. I was eager to get out of this classroom. I would be under the heat if I stayed.
    "Ahem, Hannah Briggs?" Mr. Minhua said to me, grabbing my shoulder. I gulped and turned around.
    "Yes, Mr. Minhua?"
    "You seem to be in my first math class, Briggs. Take a seat."
    I stayed where I was. This couldn't be happening to me.


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