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The Western Herd [ Deer-Centaur ]

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by itswheatyall, Apr 6, 2018.

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    Welcome to The Western Herd!

    Information and Lore:

    This herd is nestled in a dense forest of evergreen trees, west of large mountains that are covered with a small blanket of snow near the top. The members of this herd worship the deer goddess, Fauna, who centuries ago sanctified the forest with the protection under creatures of half deer, half men. These centaurs have the torso and head of a human, but bear the ears, antlers [ stags ], and neck below body of a deer. These deer breeds include, from most common to rare: white tailed, black tailed, roe, sika, sambar, fallow, red (royals), and albino (two max). When a new king rises to power in the herd, he must journey to the top of the mountain and be blessed by Her Majesty. In doing so, his antlers and build will increase size, becoming the only member of his herd with 15-pointed antlers, a wide inside spread that narrows and hooks, along with a thick main beam. His duty is to protect and serve the herd. A deer who has decided to take the responsibility as the healer, or Shaman, will train with the knowledge of herbalism. Once they’ve reached maturity and/or their mentor has passed, the new shaman will take the same journey to be connected spiritually with Fauna and the Sky Herd, those who had passed away. The shaman will be gifted with the ability to receive warnings and visions, prophecies, and be told who the next shaman will be gifted by the Sky Herd. The Scouts and Guardians are the main deer of the herd, and ironically have a feud between the two ranks. They both believe their own rank is superior to the other, causing a few moments of drama. They age like cats, and the majority of their life is as adults. The oldest they can be is 15 years old.


    The herd follows a monarchy-type ruling, with exceptions. I will select the King after everyone has sent an application, but he will die very soon.

    King ➙ The lead stag of the herd; he is known with the largest build and has the most grand antlers. He is the protector, defender, and leader of the herd. The king will fight alongside his herd, and is not to become a tyrannical king. Typically the king is born into his rank, but occasionally will be selected if necessary. He is the main leader, and typically is stag, there has yet to be a doe main leader. [ may not sign up as ]

    Queen (or King) ➙ The mate to the king, a doe or stag. He/she will not receive powers, but will become the second-in-command to the King. He/she will help organize the herd, attend patrols, and help keep peace among the herd. He/she is typically a herd favorite, while the King is more of a respected figure. [ may not sign up as ]

    Prince/Princess/Heir ➙ Any offspring of the King/Queen. Typically the eldest will be chosen to train as an Heir, but if he/she is deemed unfit, will be revoked from Heir. Normal offspring, those not training to be powerful ranks, will train to be normal subordinate ranks, but will be treated with more respect. [ may not sign up as ]

    The Council ➙ The elders of the herd. A maximum of 7. They work close with the Shaman and the royals, advising them and any members of the herd who need help in situations. They help decipher prophecies, warnings, and visions. The council also chooses whether or not a fawn will train to be a Scout or a Guardian. [ ask before signing up as pls ]

    Scouts ➙ Stags and does who have excelled in skill of gathering and hunting. They provide food [ farming berries, vegetables, fruits, occasional fish, never red meat ] and supplies for the herd, and update the council and royals on anything fishy with resources. They are quick witted and quick footed, but are not the strongest of the herd. Typically, Scouts do not like Guardians. Breeds(typically) - white tail, black tail, sika, roe, fallow. [ may sign up as! ]

    Guardians ➙ Stags and does who are physically strong and build for defending the pack. They typically are slow with speed, but are quick with battle strategies. They are trained to fight and protect, but no Guardian is stronger, bigger, or has larger antlers than the King. Along with protecting, the Guardians build and reconstruct anything damaged. Guardians do not care for Scouts. Breeds(typically) - white tail, black tail, sika, sambar, albino. [ may sign up as! ]

    Trainees ➙ Self explanatory. Fawns aged 4+ train until they are deemed fit to join the rank, there is no age limit. The council decides their duty. [ may sign up as! ]

    Mothers + Fawns ➙ Self explanatory. Does who are expecting or nursing their fawns. Pregnancies last around Fawns are born with the human half of a 7 year old, but are considered newborns, and stay in the nursery until they are four moons [ when they lose their spots ] and begin training. Stags are born with tiny antlers poking out their heads, and all fawns have spots on their deer back, shoulders, and ears as well as their human backs and shoulders. [ you can sign up but i would prefer not too many, 2 mothers max and 3 fawns max ]

    Omegas ➙ The lowest of the low, weakest of the weak. They perform the unwanted chores of the herd and serve the Mothers and Fawns. [ may not sign up as yet ]

    Rogues ➙ tbd. ;) [ no u can’t sign up as them ]

    Territory + Extra Info:
    Basic server rules, no OP, etc etc. I swear, if you sign up with “He has the second largest antlers”, “She is the most beautiful doe”, etc. I won’t accept it, but I’ll just ask you to change that factor. Their camp is nestled in a cliff that extends out of one of the bottoms of a mountain, in the shape of a U. The back of the cliff is a shallow cage with two oval boulders leaning against each other at the entrance: the royals den. To the left, a large, wide semi-circle shaped cave, a moss “curtain” growing over the cover naturally, with a stream of water trickling through it and strange tree roots growing through the top of the ceiling: the shaman’s den. To the right of the royals den is a similar den to the shaman’s den, a moss “curtain” entangled with vines placed there for privacy, it’s quite warm: the council’s den. Carved like a circle at the bottom of the rock U digging into the dirt beside the Shaman’s den is the Mother’s dens, it has a covering of soft grass as the sun shines into the den at night, and since the floor is dirt it provides more warmth. There is a den for the Guardians and Scouts, a large opening dug into the side of the U. The two groups usually sleep on different sides of the den, and can continue to dig new nests and tunnels if they wish, although it is tedious work. The omegas sleep beneath a jutted out ledge of stone, half of a semi circle, with moss overthrowing the front. It is the coldest den, and the smallest, but warm enough. Nests are made from twigs, moss, grass, leaves, and anything else a deer can find. There are various special areas around the territoriy. The star gazing meadow, a naked patch nestled in the forest, you can see constellations! The rushing river that runs through the middle of the territory, usually containing fish, it is a task that every trainee must leap over this river. Training grounds, simple enough, a clearing against a jutted cliff from the mountains for training. The Rilassare, italian for relax, a waterfall that rushes down a spring in the mountains with various ledges to jump off. The water is cool and freezes during Cold Season. The Groves,


    Names will be italian-drives names the way Bambi is derived from bambino/a (meaning child). Some examples (you can use them).

    English Italian Herd Name

    Bold Grassetto Setto

    Man Uomo Omo/Umo

    Feather Piuma Pima/Puma


    Don’t include anything in [] or ().



    age: [ use years and moons, ex., 2.11, 0.8, 10.2, include how old their human-part “looks”, use years for that, ex., 2.03 MNS - 19 YR ]

    gender: [ physical, mental, pronouns ]


    rank: [ if trainee- (rank) trainee ]

    mentor: [ if trainee ]


    appearance + breed: (remember to describe human half and deer half)


    My Character;;

    name: Calor [ heat ]

    nickname: Cal, Prince Cal/Calor

    age: 4.10 MNS - 24 YR

    gender: Male, Masculine [ he/him ]

    sexuality: Bifurious

    rank: Heir of the Herd

    personality: Calor does not act how a prince should, to start. He is rambunctious, hot-headed, temperamental, flirty, and very passionate about other things than doing his job. He wants to have fun and entertain others, he likes to hold parties in the star gazing meadow at night, race, and just make other centaurs laugh. Of course, he doesn’t make his father laugh, who disapproves of his immature tendency. Calor has no care in the world, just wants to jam out and have fun! He does have a sister, but she has no appetite to lead the herd, not to say Calor does either. Past his exciting, flow-y self, Calor is emotional and dependent, he has flaws of leaning on his parents and has no concept of responsibility. He’s very friendly though, and has mercy and empathy, despite seeming like a total dodo. Once he has to though, Calor’s personality will shift, and he will grow as a character.

    appearance: Calor is a red-deer centaur, and currently is just barely above the average size for a stag. His coat is a russet red, tinged with darker brown on the chest of the deer. Like his father, and father before him, Calor bears a darker, longer, thicker coat of fur on his chest and spine, and a lighter tinge to his undertail and to his belly and inside of his legs. His hooves are a glossy black and his front hoof is chipped at the front. His human half is lean, slightly muscular, and broad at the shoulders. He has a naturally tanned complexion, and his face is angular with a strong jaw. Calor’s eyes are glossy brown, appearing black, and walnut brown curly hair. He has light pink scars across his body from various stunts, one large one that crosses from his left lower back to his right deer shoulder blade. His tummy has a bit of deer fur beneath the belly button. His ears like out past is curls and are darker brown-rest near his skull then ombré to a light russet with a rift of longer fur at the end. He has, currently, 9 point, deep brown antlers that curve up with a thick main beam and wide points. His inside spread isn’t too far, and his longest points closest to his skull hook outwards. The roots of his antlers are a paler with a few knots.

    extra: n/a

    We will start the RP after I have decided who will be King + Queen. Reminder; if I chose you as the current King, he will die for plot soon.
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    calling: Inverno (winter)

    nickname: Inver, Invie

    age: [ use years and moons, ex., 2.11, 0.8, 10.2, include how old their human-part “looks”, use years for that, ex., 2.03 MNS - 19 YR ]: 4 moons, still a fawn. 0.4 years old. Human part looks to be about 10-12 years old.

    gender [ physical, mental, pronouns ]: Male, male, He/him

    sexuality: straight

    rank (if trainee, ex. Scout Trainee): fawn

    mentor (if trainee): none

    personality: Inver is a bit shy and timid, but is cool and composed on the outside. Deep down, he is really passionate and is curious, but tends to hide it with pretending he was bored or doesn't care (he usually does care, just too embarrassed to admit it). He is easily embarrassed and bashful. He likes having something to do and loves nature. He is stubborn and can be a bit childish due to his young age. He tends to be a bit of a loner, and finds it hard to make friends.

    appearance + breed: (remember to describe human half and deer half)
    The deer half is a fawn still, long legs and gangly. The bottom half is albino (if that's fine with you!) and has pale snowy white fur with tiny tiny patches of pale grey/cream for the fading spots. His hooves are a shade of very pale golden or cream, and might darken with age. His deer ears are slightly more curved that normal, and are the same snowy white as the rest of him. He has small, tiny antler nubs that are slightly pinkish but are mainly cream. The muscles are very slight and the ribs are noticeable on both his human and his deer half currently. His skin is abnormally pale, as he is albino and lacks pigment. He gets sunburns rather easily and has to stay inside most of the time because of that, or in the heavily shaded areas. He is also rather skinny. His eyes are a very pale ice blue and lack much pigment. They can appear a lavender color due to the pale spots of darker blues or bits of grey. His hair is usually a bit messy, the style is usually like someone who just woke up. It is white in color, due to him being albino. It is medium in length, and the tips of the hair curve in slightly.

    extra: I was wondering if he could be the shaman or shaman's apprentice or something like that when he finally loses all of his spots
  3. itswheatyall

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    Here’s my proposal: I like his description and I know you’re qualified to take that type of character seriously and not buss it, but since this RP is new I would prefer some less-rare characters, more scouts and guardians. If you would like to have his character on hold, I will totally allow you to have him come into play later. Thank you!
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    calling: Farfalla (butterfly)

    nickname: Falla

    age: [ use years and moons, ex., 2.11, 0.8, 10.2, include how old their human-part “looks”, use years for that, ex., 2.03 MNS - 19 YR ] 4.5 - 23 YR

    gender: [ physical, mental, pronouns ] Female, Feminine, She/Her

    sexuality: Pan (g-get it)

    rank: [ if trainee- (rank) trainee ] Guardian

    mentor: [ if trainee ] ---

    personality: Falla is confident, flashy, and a go-with-the-flow sort of deer. While her attitude may make her seem like she shirks off her duties, she works hard for the herd and wouldn't dare laze around. She has a bit of a tendency to flirt with her herdmates, especially the doe, though a few stag have caught her eye. Falla doesn't usually mean much when she does it, it's more of a habit, but it can get a bit irritating to others when she delivers the same cheesy line the hundredth time. Especially when she tries them on scouts. When she's not doing, well, that, she is great to hang around. She gives a laid-back, mellow vibe, and is pretty good with giving advice, or tips. Falla is kind at heart, and can't bear to backtalk or betray the trust of others. Even if she's not - by far - the brightest of the bunch, her loyalty makes her good company. She likes telling puns, and they seem to be her main go-to joke.

    appearance + breed: (remember to describe human half and deer half) Falla is a sika deer. She is rather large for a sika deer, even rivaling some of the stag, though she's definitely not the biggest by far. Her coat is mainly a russet colour, with a lighter brown underbelly and legs. Her back is a darker, almost black brown, while her tail and spots are a white colour. Her human half is well-built, and lean, and she has clear muscle definition, which she's plenty proud of. She has long, flowing, dark hair, green eyes, and an olive skin-tone. Her body has a few noticeable scars, with the most define one being a pinkish slash mark starting from her lower abs, and snaking down to her left deer-shoulder.

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    calling: Lucca (Light)

    nickname: Luc

    age: [ use years and moons, ex., 2.11, 0.8, 10.2, include how old their human-part “looks”, use years for that, ex., 2.03 MNS - 19 YR ] 2.03 and 19 years old.

    gender: [ physical, mental, pronouns ] male, feminine, he/him

    sexuality: demisexual

    rank: [ if trainee- (rank) trainee ] Scout

    mentor: [ if trainee ] had one (just I don't feel like thinking up a name)

    personality: is sweet, kind, and caring. He usually is acting immature and having no care in the world. Has a large personality for everything good, he just loves his family, friends, and loves to pick flowers all the time.

    appearance + breed: (remember to describe human half and deer half) Lucca is a fallow deer-centaur, is rather small for a stag, like most fallow deer he has a red brown back with white spots, then it fades to a creamy light red brown, his belly, legs, and back. Has a fluffy white tail with a stripe of black in it and a sort of black spot under his belly. Has rather small 3 pointer antlers that are fuzzy and creamy colored. His human half is not chubby, he's small, and lanky. He has short red hair, that's short in the back from his mom cutting it. has freckles along his shoulders that go down to his back and fade. Has a mole on his right elbow, a mole on his left side on his lower back, and a mole on his right shoulder blade. Has bright sage green eyes, freckles all over his face, and mole under his right eye.

    extra: has a flower crown of small white flowers that are five to six peddled with the leaves still on it, and it has some of the buds on them.
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    (I hope I'm not too late to sign up!)

    calling: Vespa (wasp)

    nickname: Vess, Vee

    age: 5.3 MNS - 32 YRS

    gender: Female, Nonbinary, They/Them or She/Her (both are fine)

    sexuality: Heterosexual

    rank: Mother expecting a Fawn

    mentor: N/A

    personality: Vespa is very loud and a bit brash, going out of her way to prove herself to others. They don't accept no for an answer, and get upset easily when things don't go the way they had expected. They're very assertive as well, and never back down from a fight, even once they know they are wrong. Still, she is very hardworking and refuses to give up until her job is completed. Their presence is usually more of an annoyance to the herd than anything, but once you get to know them more the hard shell falls away and leaves a perfectionistic, anxious mess.

    appearance + breed: Vespa's deer half is that of the sika breed. Their fur is a bright, fiery orange color that slowly fades to a gentle white as it grows closer to their hooves. Large, white spots cover their back, giving a perpetual fawn look. A large brown stripe runs right down the spine of her deer half, and her tail is a dark brown, nearly black. Her human half has a dark, olive complexion that appears soft around the edges. Their hair is cut at a short bob, and it is a wavy, dark brown color. Her eyes are a strong, shiny amber that are almost always smiling. A long scar runs down their shoulder blades from an incident with a cliff face.

    extra: She has no idea who the father of her fawn is, and it scares her to think the fawn might grow up without a father.
  8. itswheatyall

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    Accepted! Love her description, I’ll be accepting sign ups through the whole RP.
  9. Birmanista

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    calling: Fortunato (Means fortunate, lucky. kinda like the More Letter version of fortuna)

    nickname: Nato (like nah-to, not nay-to), For

    age: [ use years and moons, ex., 2.11, 0.8, 10.2, include how old their human-part “looks”, use years for that, ex., 2.03 MNS - 19 YR ] 3.02, 20 years.

    gender: [ physical, mental, pronouns ] Male, masculine, he/him

    sexuality: Gay

    rank: [ if trainee- (rank) trainee ] Scout

    mentor: [ if trainee ]

    personality: Despite what his name suggests, Fortunato doesn't have a ton of luck on his side. He's very clumsy, trips a lot, and occasionally this tripping up can usually affect his fishing, as he sometimes falls directly into the streams and scares off the fish. Because of this, he's probably considered one of the worst fishers in the herd, but that's okay with him. He tries his best anyways, and always keeps a smile on his face through his bad luck and clumsiness.

    appearance + breed: (remember to describe human half and deer half) Fortunato is a small-ish white-tailed deer with a slightly lighter, chestnut coat and tan skin. He has bright and bouncing hazel eyes, with medium-length light brown, slightly wavy hair. Even though he's short, he has long legs, which do come into play with his clumsiness. His 3-pointer antlers are, as you may guess, on the smaller side. His deer fur is a tad bit longer than you might expect, and his tail is almost white, except for a little brown stripe down the center of the tail on top.

    extra: nope oops
  10. itswheatyall

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  11. BryIsntHere

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    name: Salvaggio

    nickname: Salv, King, King Salv

    age: 6.10 MNS - 43-ish YRS

    gender: Male/Masculine

    sexuality: Bisexual

    rank: King of the Herd

    mentor: n/a

    personality: Salv is more like the strong and silent type. He has a slightly intimidating presence and usually casts a cold gaze at those who may be behaving inappropriately. However, he does have a softer side. He can be friendly to those who are brave enough to approach him and has a deep passion for the prosperity of the herd.

    appearance + breed: Salv is a Sambar deer-centaur and is one of the largest in size for his species. His fur is a lighter brown color with a white underbelly. His tail is a slightly darker brown color and larger sized, 15 pointer antlers that are slightly less fuzzy than others. As for his human parts, he's broad and built with longer dirty silver and blond hair (kinda a shaggy/ruffled style). His face is still rather young, but he has slight wrinkles beneath his eyes from age and stress. He has a scar that goes from above to below his left eye from a fight when he was younger. he has a couple freckles on his shoulders and has green-blue eyes that somewhat reflect whichever color is more prominent at the time (ex: blue sky, more of a blue color).

    extra: The fight in which he got his scar is what sort of hardened his emotions slightly. It's not a good experience that he likes to remember but will sometimes boast about it given he's in the right mood.
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  13. UnMuteYaBoy

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    Doesn't look like the rp's started, here we go:

    name: Altopiano (Plateau)

    nickname: Alp

    age: 1.19 MNS (Stag/deer part) 13 YRS (Human part)

    gender: Male/Masculine, He/Him

    sexuality: Straight

    rank: Scout Trainee

    mentor: Someone sign up for this please

    personality: Usually very self confident and selfish, not really wanting to listen to orders but does anyways. tries to get away with things with an innocent look, but most of the others, even at Alp's young age, know that he is usually mischief and prefer not to deal with him. Likes to start up competitions, even though he usually loses 9/10 times.

    appearance + breed: Has a usual boy face that can change from one face to another, such as mischief to innocence. He has green/hazel eyes and medium length sleek black hair. He has a deep black pelt that very much reflects his hair and a stumpy tail which contradicts his hair. Has 4 pointer antlers on his forehead, with 1 of them being very crooked, the one on the very left for that matter. He has long legs which leads him to be one of the faster scouts, in his head at least.

    extra: Umm, that was already a lot of work, so no.
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    Accepted, but I would like for you to change the age of moons, the number before the decimal is years, the number after is months. 4.12 would be 5 years, which would make him an adult centaur. His mentor will be Fortunato!

    We will start the RP soon!
    Reminder: I need a Shaman, a Queen, and elders of the council.
    Reminder: You can have up to 4 characters and you may add characters after the RP has started/join after the RP has started.
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    i'll sign up a second character

    calling: Piccolo (Small) (yeah I know)

    nickname: Picky (she doesn't like being called that), Picc, Colo

    age: 5.0 MNS/28 YR

    gender: Female, Feminine, She/Her

    sexuality: Bi (haha,, cause she's my,, second charcater,, ill leave)

    rank: Shaman (if that's okay, if not i'll do a scout)

    mentor: ---

    personality: Piccolo is proud, stubborn, and loyal. She comes off as abrasive and rude to many, but warms up eventually if you spend enough time with her. She rarely lies, and hates doing so. Her belief is if you want the truth, you better be prepared to take it. Despite this, she would never break the trust of anyone. If you tell her a secret and ask she keep it, the only soul she'd tell is Fauna herself. Of course, unless it's something involving harming someone or the herd, then she wouldn't hesitate to give the information up. Her position as Shaman has given her a bit of an ego, and she absolutely despises when people disagree with her on something, rarely apologizing even if she was wrong. Picc works hard at her job, and works best in a pinch. She is rather smart and clever. Catches lies easily. Inside, she's rather sensitive, and gets upset if she's criticized, a result of her strict mentor, and why she often lashes out. Even if she's embarrassed by it, she likes sunsets, and the beauty of nature.

    appearance + breed: Even for a roe deer, Piccolo is very small. If it were not for the fact that she had lost her spots, many would probably still think of her as an adolescent. Her human half is fair-skinned, with dirty-blonde shoulder-length hair, and grey eyes. She is thin, and does not show a lot of muscle. Her deer half is a muddy brown, with a lighter underbelly, and a short white tail. Her hooves are a glossy black. Due to being cramped up in the Shaman's den all the time, her body has very little scars, only from certain tumbles or incidents.

    extra: uhh i'll probably edit her info if she's not allowed to be shaman
  16. itswheatyall

    itswheatyall Well-Known Member

    Accepted as Shaman!
  17. UnMuteYaBoy

    UnMuteYaBoy Retired Retired

    Char #2:

    calling: Zucchero (Sugar but this is somehow a masculine name o_O)

    nickname: Zuc (Zoo-ch)

    age: [ use years and moons, ex., 2.11, 0.8, 10.2, include how old their human-part “looks”, use years for that, ex., 2.03 MNS - 19 YR ] 4.12 MNS, 24 YRS (I still don't know about this age thing)

    gender: [ physical, mental, pronouns ] Masculine, he/him

    sexuality: Bi

    rank: [ if trainee- (rank) trainee ] Elder of the Council

    personality: Very calm and collected kiddo/adulto who likes to fight for what is right, but sometimes will just talk about random things. Has 2 separate parts almost to his mind, his real serious tone and then his randomness tone. Tries his best to make the right decisions, and has always been living in fear that if he screws up, they'll do something to him, being as he's an Elder and is expected to be a role model and not somebody who goofs off, like his "alter ego," the randomness part of him. Was trained to be a Guardian before they placed him as an Elder, even though he didn't want to be a Guardian, which explains why he isn't great at fighting. He prefers a good verbal fight instead of a physical one, however.

    appearance + breed: (remember to describe human half and deer half) Extremely blonde hair that runs to right below the connection from his neck to his head with gray-blue eyes that usually reflect gray, but usually blue at night. He has an olive color skin tone and he has a pure white horse part per say. He's easily recognizable due to his hair and pelt if you will. Long tail with that little thing at the end that looks like a puff ball, although he lost control of it at a young age due to tripping over it too many times, so its almost always just laying behind him as he walks. Also has one crooked tooth, kind of like Crookedstar that stays outside of his mouth cause its bent and all.

    extra: If he can't be an Elder, I'll swap some of his things.
  18. itswheatyall

    itswheatyall Well-Known Member

    Accepted as Elder, and it’s alright.
    Basically, from 0.00-2.00 Moons, the centaurs would be trainees, then 2.01-around 9.00, they would be adults, 9.01+ would be dead/elder if they lived that long. I stated they live up to 15, so that’s a guess.
    When they are born, their human body’s are the human physical age of 7, which is why a centaur might be newborn but his human body look 7. So, an elder would be 9.00+, and human-wise look like an old grandpa.
  19. Superstitious-MM-Smokey

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    Character Number 2!

    Incantare (incantation, spell)

    nickname: Intare (In-tar-ay), Inie (only by his brother)

    age: 3.07, 23 years old

    gender: Male, masculine, he/him

    sexuality: straight

    rank: Scout

    personality: Intare comes off as rather cold and callous. He is straight forwards, blunt, and sharp with his words. Although, he is usually quiet and a bit mysterious. He keeps to himself and has few words to say, and few expressions to match. He comes off as a bit snarky when he does talk, it's not intentional, it's just how he is. He is a bit of a recluse and a loner, choosing to stay near his younger brother or stay far in the forest. Like his brother, he is curious about everything, but often doesn't appear to be. He actually likes to learn all about his herd so he can make the wisest decisions possible. He usually stays in the back although, not wanting to directly interact, as he is shy. He always appears to be calm, cool, and collected, even if he is breaking down. He is seen as almost always being serious, which makes it hard to tell when he makes a joke. Intare is also proud, and extremely stubborn. He doesn't like for things to always change, and when it does change or has to change, he wants it to go his way only. He is a very hard worker, and wants what is best for his herd. He is also a quick thinker, and is rather intelligent. He enjoys games like the deer version of chess, whatever that is called if it exists, and riddles. Despite the fact the he appears cold, he is dedicated and caring for his herd and for ones he loves.

    appearance + breed: (remember to describe human half and deer half) He isn't the largest stag out there, but he isn't small. He has more of a medium to a small size of a large frame. He has a more of a triangle shaped sharp jaw line, but his face is slightly soft around the edges. He is rather lean, and has medium muscle tone. Intare has very fair skin, and is rather pale. His hair is a nice light golden blond, and is medium length. It has a very slight wave to it. He has bangs that cover the right side of his face, and can make it a bit hard to see. He has a small hair clip fashioned out of rush and flowers that hold the left side of his bangs out of the way. Intare's eyes are a dull blue-violet color that are a bit dark. The deer half is more well muscled than the human half. The legs are a bit stocky but long. The fur is a gray and white piebald, which means a white deer with patches of grey. The white part is a snowy color, the grey is more of a stormy grey color. The grey patches take up about 30-40 percent of the deer body, and are largely irregular. His tail is slightly long and has part of a grey patch on it, the rest of it is white and fluffy. His fur is slightly thicker and longer than normal, and is rather neatly groomed. The fur is even more thick on the chest and belly of his deer body, as well as above his hooves on his fetlocks. Two of his hooves are a paler cream color, and the other two are a more dull blackish-grey. His deer ears are like his brothers, slightly more curved than normal, and are a cream color towards his skull and fade to a pale white the father away they get. His right ear has a small patch of grey on it. He has good sized antlers, with a medium sized main beam. His antlers are 8 pointed, and has a medium to slightly large inside spread that is slightly wider than his head. His antlers curve upwards, and are a pale golden to beige color. The tips of his antlers are a bit sun bleached and look white, the base of his antlers is smooth.

    extra: Inverno is his younger brother, and he spends a lot of time around or near him, or is out gathering flowers for him. He has a few noticeable scars, mainly on his deer half and the lower half of his back, from a fight he got in with a wolf when he was protecting his brother.
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    Elders are the oldest of the clan, so they must be 9.00+ Moons (or 9 years) old and must look old, as they are elders. I’ll accept if you make those corresponding changes!

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