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Under The Mask

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by sammydog132, May 30, 2017.

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    whOA HEY I'M ALIVE-- Literally nobody missed me pff but I didn't expect much. While I was gone, I wrote lots of short stories for a little writing guild I did with some friends and I may post a few of them here.. but in my opinion they were what you would expect from practice writing. Whatever, I wanted to share something ^^

    The sound of music had filled the rather enchanted ballroom has been home to simply lavish masquerade balls and galas. During these events, everybody could be who they wished or wanted to be seen with their true identities safely hidden behind a mask.

    On this particular night, it held many members of polite and elite societies, many wealthy and rather ambitious young men and women, all together in this one room doing what the room was intended to be used for.


    English, Irish and Scottish country dances, traditional ballroom waltzes and other dances. From aristocratic to middle classed, masters to beginners, everybody had their own style.

    Among the crowd, a certain woman had stood out. She happened to be almost a Cinderella hiding in plain sight. Auburn hair tied up into a bun. With a tiara on her head and a navy blue dress which faded away into bright floral patterns, she almost looked like royalty. But as it turns out, she was a simple peasant from a struggling farm, trying to make the most of her time dancing in her elegant dress that would soon turn into rags. It truly kept herself hidden, yet eyes had caught sight of this rare, hidden beauty. And she too, had caught the sight of this rather mysterious masked dancer emerging from the all of the waltzes.

    Like her, his identity was hidden behind the mask of a dark coloured mask which hid his age, yet his mouth and twilight-like eyes were visible. He had sun-kissed hair pulled back into a short curly ponytail and a carvat over a suit with colours that matched his mask's. It was obvious that, like her as well, he was trying to be something he wasn't.

    She saw his mouth form into a friendly smile as he bowed in a greeting. "Why is such a beautiful woman dancing by herself?" This made her laugh. Not at the simple flattery, yet at herself. He wouldn't have said that if he had known her true identity.. that she was really poor and not as wealthy as this man seemed to be. "I don't really.. know how to dance all that well. I would probably break someone's toe off." She responded with a slight stammer. Yet the man had kept his little grin, as held out his hand, his fingers almost telling her that he couldn't wait. "I can teach you if you'd like."

    The woman gave a small smirk in return. "If you think you're that good." And with that, she had took the man's hand before he spun her into his arms as they whisked away to join the group of dancers waltzing to the sound of the Ballroom's musicians. Without much of a thought, she had found her arms wrapped around the man's neck as they slid across the smooth flooring gracefully but in their own childish and playful way.

    It was almost like a Fairy Tale.

    As the night went on, even though the couple had only shared a few words when they had first laid their eyes on each other, they found themselves talking nonstop whenever the music slowed and they had gotten the air back into their lungs. They had talked on about events going on in the Kingdom however sometimes they talked about stuff rather random and just plain old nonsense. They laughed and smiled as they danced, finding themselves falling deeper in love with the other even though they both didn't truly know the other.

    Yet the Masquerade has to come to an end, no matter how good it may be.

    They had lost track of time and had completely forgotten about the clocks going off inside their heads, slowly going..


    And once the woman had heard it, she finally realized how vulernable she was. How could she know or trust this man's word, of who he said he was? Of who he could be?

    She started to slowly pull away from the masked man, which caused him to seemingly snap back into reality as well, but not in the same way she had. "What's wrong?"

    How could she be so stupid to think that this whole affair would last after the ball? How could she possibly believe this man? How come she didn't think that the man could be manipulating her?

    And that's when the Ballroom's clock went off, to announce the time.


    The woman spun around, not willing herself to stare at the man no longer and began running out of the Palace, trampling on her tiara and tripping a little on a dress in a hurry. The man swiftly followed right behind her, letting out panicked wails, begging her to stay and at least take off her mask.

    But she didn't.

    And there the man watched his Ballroom lover go into her carriage and vanish into the night, trembling from the cold and only leaving behind those memories they shared..

    Of them laughing.

    The man slowly rose his hands to the side of his head.

    Of them dancing.

    He grasped his mask tightly.

    Of her smile, their special little connection..

    And he pulled the mask right off.

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