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Undertale Chapter One- Fallen Down

Discussion in 'Human' started by Le Amazing Ocelot, Aug 21, 2016.

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    I can do this, just a little bit more, Frisk told themself. Just a few more feet and they’d reach the top of Mt. Ebbot. Just… a little… more…

    Frisk reached up and grabbed a small rock. Here we g- “Agh!” they screamed as the that and a few other rocks came loose and tumbled down the mountain. Frisk looked up at their other hand. Don’t you dare, they thought. But just as they feared, those rocks came loose as well, sending them tumbling down the mountainside.

    They tried to stop themselves from falling, but they were moving too fast. Every rock they tried to grab loosened and fell with them. They still tried though. Eventually, it got darker and darker. It can’t be night already! they thought. It only took me a few hours to get up there!

    But it wasn’t night, as they found that out when they hit something soft, but it still left them unconscious.

    Hours later, they woke up to light pouring in on them from a hole in the ceiling. I must’ve fallen down from there, they thought. So how do I get back? Am I just going to die here?

    They sat up, noticing they sat in a bed of golden-colored flowers. A temple looking thing was behind them, lit up with a seemingly purple glow. Before the entrance was a golden flower with a white center doused in another shower of light.

    Frisk walked towards it, thinking it was a rather pretty flower in the light like this. But suddenly, a friendly looking face appeared in the white center. A yellow bar appeared above Frisk’s head.

    “Howdy!” he said cheerfully. “I’m Flowey! You’re new here, aren’tcha?”

    Frisk nodded.

    “Well allow me to tell you some helpful things,” the flower smiled. “See this?” A little white pellet appeared beside him, floating in the air. “That’s a ‘friendship pellet’! Here, try to catch as many as you can!”

    Even more ‘friendship pellets’ appeared. Frisk grabbed one, and half of the yellow bar was replaced with red. They gasped. Flowey’s face turned from friendly to demonic.

    “You idiot,” he laughed. “In this world, it’s kill or be killed. Who would be stupid enough to pass up an opportunity like this?”

    The not-so-friendship-like pellets appeared all around Frisk, closing in, while Flowey laughed some more.

    Frisk saw a white flame appear next to the flower, shooting at him. He sank back into the ground and the pellets appeared.

    Frisk looked up. Some goat person hybrid kneeled down in front of them.

    “Are you okay, my child?” she asked, kindly. “Are you hurt.”

    “I-I’m fine,” Frisk replied.

    “I’ve come down here every day in case someone fell,” she said. “You are the first human to come down here in a long time. I’m Toriel. Follow me.”

    Frisk followed Toriel into the building, still weary, as she could be leading them to their death.

    “As the caretaker of the Ruins, I’ve learned every trap here, so follow me, and you should be fine,” Toriel instructed.

    Frisk followed her as she led them through trap after trap. Then she stopped in the middle of a hallway.

    “I need to go do something. You should be able to figure out the other puzzles, just call me if you need anything!” Toriel told them, walking off into the catacombs.

    Frisk walked a bit farther, coming across a ghost wearing headphones laying down in the middle of the hallway.

    “Oh….” the ghost said. “I’m sorry…. I didn’t mean to be in your way….”

    Frisk was about the respond, but the ghost had already disappeared, so they walked forward, solving the rest of the traps, with Toriel calling in occasionally to ask which ingredient they preferred.

    Eventually, they came across a house within the ruins. Toriel came out into the living room. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “I didn’t expect you to make it here so soon. It was going to be a surprise, but.. here.” Toriel handed Frisk a butterscotch pie.

    Frisk took it. “This is pretty good!” they told her, licking off their fingers.

    “I’m glad you like it!” Toriel smiled. “I need to do some other things as well, you should be able to continue on your own. I don’t remember any traps.”

    Frisk nodded, walking out of the house and back into the catacombs. Toriel joined them.

    “In this world, you can either fight, or you can act,” she explained. “Try on this dummy.”

    Frisk looked at the dummy. The yellow bar returned, back to full health, and four buttons appeared, FIGHT, ACT, ITEM, and MERCY. Frisk pressed the ACT button. They said something really mean to the dummy.

    DUMMY was defeated! You Won!

    Earned 5 G

    Frisk read the text and smiled, proud of themself. They looked towards the door Toriel was standing in front of. That must be the way out, they thought.

    “You can’t go there,” Toriel told them, like she was reading their thoughts.

    “Why not?” Frisk asked.

    “You’re not ready,” Toriel said.

    Frisk shook their head and walked towards the door. Toriel sighed.

    “You’ll get killed if you go out there,” Toriel’s voice cracked. “Not every monster is as nice as I am.”

    Frisk looked her in the eye.

    “I’m just going to destroy that door, so no one can get out.”

    “No!” Frisk shouted. Toriel looked startled, then sighed.

    “If you wish to leave show me that you are capable of fending for yourself.”

    The battle stats reappeared as Toriel summoned fire in her hands. Frisk dodged it the best they could. They pressed the MERCY button.

    “At least fight back,” Toriel said, sending out more fireballs for Frisk to dodge.

    They pressed MERCY again.

    “I’m just doing this to protect you!” Toriel shouted, a few tears streaming down her face.

    Time after time, Frisk pressed MERCY, until Toriel finally accepted it and gave in.

    “Fine,” she sighed, wiping the tears from her face. “Just get out, please. Before I change my mind.”

    Frisk nodded, hugging Toriel. Then they opened the door, looked back, and exited the ruins, closing the door behind them.

    They noticed the snowy terrain almost immediately, pausing a moment to take it all in, then they began trekking through the snowy path.

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  2. SpaceKitten42412

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    Very realistic
  3. Lizzy (Breezy!)

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    Love it! Though it's strange that Frisk can talk.

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