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Undertale Chapter Three- Undyne

Discussion in 'Human' started by Le Amazing Ocelot, Aug 22, 2016.

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    “YOU!” Frisk heard a woman’s voice called. They turned around. Standing a bit aways behind them was a figure in full armor, with a glowing blue spear in their hand.

    “Oh heck no,” Frisk said to themself, then started running as fast as they could through the snow, eventually coming across grass, lit in a blue light with the sign saying 'Now Entering Waterfall'. “No no no no no, NOT TODAY!”

    They put down lilypads across the waterfalls, and walked across the bridge. In a few moments, no, seconds, an octopus-like figure appeared, with a rather derpy looking face.

    “Haaaaaaai,” he said. “I’m Onion-saaaaaan. Hey, do you know any way to get out of here? I’ve been down here with the garbage for ages.”

    “Nope, sorry,” Frisk said sympathetically, shaking their head.

    “Oh that’s fiiiiiiine,” Onion-san said. “I’ll get out eventuallllyyyyy.”

    Frisk walked over the bridge to a place with three houses. In one cave, there was a monster fish house thing. Frisk admired the architecture, not used to seeing anything like that on the surface. In the next cave, there were two houses with mirrored looks. The left one was a dark orange, and the right one was pink. Frisk walked into the orange one, seeing the same ghost they saw in the ruins.

    “Oh…. hi…” he said. “I’m Napstablook…..”

    Frisk did the little ‘sup nod thing.

    “Do…. you wanna…. Oh, nevermind….”

    “What was it?” Frisk asked.

    “Do you wanna…. hang out?” the ghost asked shyly.

    “Sure,” Frisk shrugged, figuring they were safe here.

    “Do you wanna lie on the ground and feel like trash with me?” Napstablook asked. “It’s kind of a family tradition.”

    Frisk nodded, laying across from Napstablook. Their stomach grumbled.

    “Are…. you hungry?” Napstablook asked, getting up. Frisk nodded. “Here’s a…. ghost sandwich….”

    Frisk looked at the wispy cloud-like thing in their hand, then took a bite. It quite literally passed right through them.

    “Oh…….” Napstablook sighed. “Right. I’ll, uh, show you something else….. follow me…”

    Frisk had a tiny flashback to when they played the Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 minigames, but followed the ghost anyways. They were in the next cave over, with three snails lined up on a miniature race track.

    “The family business, snail racing,” Napstablook said. “Just press Z until the yellow snail is at the finish.”

    A Z keyboard key appeared in front of Frisk.

    “Ready…. set…. go.”

    Frisk pounded the Z key as the red and blue snails took off. The yellow snail hadn’t even moved an inch before it burst into flames.

    “Oh……” Napstablook said. “You must have motivated it too hard…..”

    “YOU! HUMAN!” Frisk heard the woman’s voice calling in the distance.

    “I should get going,” they said. “It was fun hanging out with you!”

    “Bye….” Napstablook said, before he dissolved into nothing.

    Frisk ran for their life. They saw a shiny spot on the ground next to a slice of cheese on the table.

    Knowing that the mouse may one day come out of the hole and eat the cheese, it fills you with DETERMINATION!

    Frisk smiled at the text box. Next to the save point, they saw a chest, which, obviously, they opened. Inside there was a dusty tutu. Now there was only one choice. They had to put it on, I mean, who wouldn’t?

    They looked behind them, the armored lady was catching up, so they kept running, and running, until they found a patch of long grass. Their phone rang.


    “HUMAN!” Papyrus’s voice said from the other end. “Undyne, the leader of the Royal Guard, says she has seen you wearing a tutu. Are you, or are you not?”

    Frisk, thinking Papyrus would tell Undyne whatever they said, said they weren’t. A few moments later, Papyrus called back.

    “HUMAN, you said you were in fact not wearing a tutu,” he said. “So I told Undyne you were indeed wearing a tutu!”

    Frisk hung up the phone, and facepalmed so hard. Undyne stood right next to the patch of grass in a shaded area. Frisk ducked down, not wanting her to see them.

    Papyrus walked up to Undyne.

    “Have you seen the human anywhere?” Undyne asked in a menacing voice.

    “N-no, not at all,” Papyrus said. Frisk could see through the blades of grass that he was having trouble holding back the truth, but apparently Undyne didn’t suspect a thing.

    “Well then what are you standing here for?” Undyne shouted. “Go find them!”

    Papyrus ran off, leaving Undyne there. Frisk tried to move with as little sound as possible, but Undyne noticed the rustling grass. Frisk stopped dead in their tracks as Undyne stepped closer. Frisk ducked down as Undyne reached into the grass and pulled up.... Monster Kid, who’s face was flushed with awe and admiration.

    Undyne sighed and went the other way.

    Frisk and Monster Kid walked out of the grass, Monster Kid quickly falling on his face, but getting up surprisingly fast.

    “That was awesome! Undyne looked right at you, but,” Monster Kid gushed, “she touched me! She actually touched ME! Man, if you were standing just a little bit to the left!”

    Frisk smiled at Monster Kid’s enthusiasm, and continued walking to the next section, a series of metal bridges. Frisk looked around frantically when intense music started playing. Below them was Undyne, summoning and throwing her spears.

    “NOT TODAY!” Frisk ran. “Nopenopenopenopenopenope NOPE!”

    They gasped for air when they got to the other side. Then they looked up. Undyne was already there, sitting on top of a rocky hill.

    “Seven,” she said. “Seven souls is what we need to break the barrier to the surface.”

    Frisk listened, interested in this subject.

    “Six. Six is what we have,” the warrior turned her head to the kid, taking her helmet off. “Human, this is your last chance at redemption. Give me your soul, or I’ll rip it out of your body.”

    Frisk tried to back off, but the battle stats appeared. Undyne broke a spear in half and gave the top half to Frisk.

    Frisk looked around, deflecting all the arrows. They looked behind them, and set up a stance like a batter on a field. Three… two… one… they hit the yellow arrow as hard as they could. Now that could’ve gotten them a home run back home.

    Undyne looked back in surprise. Taking the opportunity, Frisk booked it, running and running and running, until they came across another bridge. Monster Kid was there too.

    “Yo!” he said. “Is that Undyne?”

    Frisk looked behind them, and there was, in fact, a fish person walking over to him.

    “Undyne!” Monster Kid ran over, falling again, over the bridge. He only hung on by his mouth. “Ogh Goh.”

    Frisk eyed Undyne, then ran to Monster Kid, helping him up. Undyne summoned a spear in her hand.

    “Hey,” Monster Kid said, standing in front of Frisk. “If you want to get to Frisk, you’re gonna have to get through me, first!”

    Undyne stood there for a second, looking at Frisk, then Monster Kid, then back at Frisk, before she finally walked away.

    Frisk sighed a breath of relief.

    “Thanks, Frisk,” Monster Kid said, smiling a toothy grin.

    “No problem,” Frisk smiled. They saw the exit of the caves with a sign that said ‘To the Hotlands’. “I gotta go, I’ll see you later?”

    “Most likely,” Monster Kid smiled, walking away.

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