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Undertale Chapter Two- The Town of Snowdin

Discussion in 'Human' started by Le Amazing Ocelot, Aug 21, 2016.

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    Frisk walked, thankful they had worn their favorite blue and purple striped sweater to go climbing, but then again, what were the odds of this?

    They heard a twig crack, and stopped dead in their tracks. They turned around. But no one was there. They shrugged and decided to keep walking. But then another twig. They thought it was just the wind, so they kept walking. Then a deep voice spoke, sending shivers up their spine.

    “That’s not how you greet a new pal,” the voice said. Frisk turned around to see a shaded image of a hooded guy. “Now turn around and shake my hand.”

    Frisk wearily extended their hand, acknowledging what Toriel had told them. The guy took off his blue hood so Frisk could see he was in fact a skeleton with two glowing white dots for pupils, and he was smiling right back at them.

    “Hey buddy, didn’t mean to scare ya there,” he chuckled. “I’m Sans.”

    “I’m Frisk,” they smiled.

    “Here, lemme take you to Snowdin,” the skeleton said. “My brother Papyrus has always wanted to see a human.”

    Frisk let Sans lead them to a hotdog shack.

    “Sans!” they both heard a voice yell.

    “That’s him,” Sans told Frisk. “Quick, hide behind that convieniantly shaped rock!”

    Frisk did as they were told, hiding behind the rock that was surprisingly shaped almost exactly like them. They listened to Sans and Papyrus’s conversation from behind it.

    “Sans, where have you been!” Papyrus shouted. “I haven’t seen you all day. Have you been slacking off again?”

    “Hey calm down bro,” Sans said. “I’ve gotten a ton of work done today. A skele-ton.”

    “SANS!” Papyrus groaned. “Have you seen and humans around?”

    “Can’t say that I have,” Sans shrugged.

    “Well once I, the GREAT PAPYRUS, capture a human, I’ll be accepted into the Royal Guard!”

    “Okay bro.”

    “I’ll go see if I can find any,” Papyrus said, walking off. “And no more slacking!”

    “He’s gone, you can come out now,” Sans signaled Frisk. “Come on, this way to Snowdin.”

    “Sans!” Papyrus exclaimed when they were in the next section. “Is that a human?!”

    “No, that’s a rock,” Sans replied.

    Frisk looked down in front of them. There was, indeed, a rock there.

    “Oh,” Papyrus said. Then he looked up. “Sans, is that a human?!”


    “HUMAN!” Papyrus exclaimed. “Quake in fear, for I, the GREAT PAPYRUS, have captured you! You will now go through a series of tests and quizzes as part of being my prisoner!”

    Frisk shrugged and followed him and Sans to a packed down square of snow. The two skeleton brothers were already on the other side.

    “HUMAN!” Papyrus announced. “This is the first quiz, an invisible electric maze!”

    Frisk eyed the packed snow, walking in straight line right through it.

    “Did you forget to turn the maze on?” Sans asked his brother.

    “It would appear so,” Papyrus said. “Could you go back to the other side please?”

    Frisk shrugged and walked back over.

    “Anyways, as I was saying,” Papyrus continued, “I, the GREAT PAPYRUS, have constructed this maze so that if you so much as brushed against a wall you will be shocked!”

    Frisk watched as Papyrus got electrocuted making the final gesture to his words.

    “I, uh, I think the human’s gotta have the maze ball,” Sans said.

    “Yes, perhaps,” Papyrus said. He walked through the maze, leaving footprints behind him in the snow, and gave the maze ball to Frisk, then walked back to the other side. “Good luck human.”

    Frisk walked right through the maze, following in Papyrus’s footsteps, quite literally.

    “Oh… uh…” Papyrus said, sounding slightly defeated. “Good job human, but the next task won’t be so easy!”

    With that, the skeletons walked off, leaving Frisk alone. They walked a bit through the forest, coming across a snowman.

    “Hello,” it said. “I’ve always wanted to travel the world, but, um, yeah. Would you be so kind as to take a piece of me?”

    Frisk nodded, taking a chunk out of the snowman and putting it in their inventory, then walked to the next section, where Papyrus had already set up his next puzzle.

    “HUMAN!” he exclaimed. Then he gave a bunch of kinda complicated directions that Frisk didn’t really keep track of, except that red was the only safe square. “Now when I flick down this lever, the colored squares will organize completely randomly.”

    Frisk watched the squares move, until they eventually became still, with a line of red leading from them to the other side. Naturally, they walked across it, to Papyrus’s surprise.

    “Erm… well done,” Papyrus said as Sans tried to contain his laughter.

    Frisk followed him to the next trial. A gaping hole, which they didn’t see a bottom to, lied in between them, along with all sorts of deadly contraptions.

    “Now when I, the GREAT PAPYRUS, press this button, the contraptions will arrange so randomly, even my incredibly smart mind will not know the answer!”

    So Frisk watched the things move and, similarly to the last puzzle, the wooden platforms formed a clear path, and all the contraptions were just above their head.

    “Erhm… very good, human,” Papyrus congratulated them. “But you still have one more task!”

    “Hey something you should know about my bro’s fighting,” Sans whispered to Frisk, “is that he turns you blue. When you come across blue things, just don’t move, and you’ll be fine.”

    Frisk nodded walking towards Papyrus. The battle stats appeared again.

    “HUMAN!” Papyrus exclaimed. “Once I capture you and bring to to the head of the Royal Guard, they’ll finally see how cool I am and accept me!”

    Frisk felt a bit sorry for Papyrus. He just wanted some friends. However, they knew they could get him some, and that filled them with determination.

    They pressed the ACT button and flirted with Papyrus.

    “Erhm… we can date after I capture you!” he said. Frisk dodged the bones one the ground and in the air.

    “And now for my special attack!” Papyrus said. Frisk turned completely blue. “You’re blue. That’s my attack.”

    Frisk stayed completely still through the light blue bones, and either jumped over or ducked through the normally colored white ones. They pressed the MERCY button.

    “When I capture you, I’ll be famous!” Papyrus exclaimed. “I’ll have so many friends!”

    More bones. Frisk pressed MERCY again.

    “I’ll be your friend Papyrus,” they told him.

    “Really?” Papyrus exclaimed. Frisk nodded, and Papyrus accepted the spare.

    “But wait,” he said thoughtfully. “When I capture you, I probably won’t see you again, and, they might kill you…”

    Frisk thought about this. Toriel did say that there would be monsters that would try to hurt me, but so far the only one I’ve seen was that flower. Flowey. Ugh.

    “Whatever,” Papyrus said. “I’d rather have you and my brother as my friends than a bunch of other people!”

    Frisk smiled.

    “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to make sure Sans isn’t slacking off again!”

    Frisk smiled. “Wow I am really hungry,” they said to themself.

    “Hungry?” Sans asked. “I know the perfect place for that!”

    Sans led Frisk to a diner called Grillby’s. All the other monsters greeted them kindly as they sat down. Sans ordered two burgers.

    “You want some ketchup?” Sans asked when the burgers were ready.

    Frisk nodded, squirting the ketchup on their burger. Then the cap fell off and all the ketchup came out, drenching the burger. Sans laughed.

    “Gotcha!” he smiled. “Here, you can have mine. I’m not that hungry anyways.”

    After that dining experience, Frisk started heading out of Snowdin.

    “Hey, are you a kid?” an orange dinosaurish looking child with no arms and a tail called to them. “I can tell ‘cuz you’re wearing a striped shirt!”

    Frisk giggled, walking towards the edge of town.

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    I loved Monster kid <3

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