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Undertale Short Story: Napstabot

Discussion in 'Human' started by Le Amazing Ocelot, Aug 23, 2016.

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    Almost done,” Alphys said, pressing a few keys on her pad, then a glowing, blue button.

    Frisk,Mettaton, and Napstablook watched as the glass capsule opened, releasing dramatic fog on the ground. Inside was a robot, kind of like Mettaton’s, but bluer. It had white with blue highlighted hair, black headphones, and a blue chestplate.

    “Okay Napstablook, here it is,” Alphys said, making the robot body stand upright. “Now this will take some getting used to. You’re gonna have to walk around a bit, and you might stumble a bit , but that’s okay, it’s all part of the process.”

    “Yeah, you’re gonna do great, Blooky!” Undyne called from the next room over where she and the others were playing a game of cards.

    “I win!” Papyrus exclaimed, seeing he had the cards that added up to make the highest number.

    “I thought we were playing War,” Flowey remarked, sounding both confused and rather annoyed.

    “I was playing Slap Jack,” Sans shrugged.

    “How do you even-” Monster Kid started.

    “tEMMiE iS cONfUseD,” Temmie said.

    Toriel laughed while Undyne facepalmed and Asgore held his face in his hands.

    “Anyway,” Alphys said, turning the focus of the story back to this group, “try it out, Napstablook!”

    “Okay, I guess….” Napstablook said, phasing into the bot.

    An explosion of pure white light poured into the room, fading for the group to see Napstabot, holding onto the side of the capsule for what may as well been for dear life.

    “Whoa…” Monster Kid said, walking into the room, the others behind him.

    “You look absolutely AMAZING, Napstabot!” Papyrus exclaimed.

    “Pretty freaking awesome,” Undyne commented, handing Flowey’s flowerpot to Frisk, who set it on the windowsill.

    “Eh, he looks okay,” Flowey said.


    Sans just watched, resisting the urge to make some sort of pun.

    “Yes, I must agree, he does look absolutely fabulous!” Mettaton agreed.

    “I-I don’t know… maybe I should get out of this thing…” Napstabot said.

    “Nonsense,” Mettaton argued. “You look wonderful, Blooky!”

    “Frisk, could you help Napstabot get used to moving around?” Alphys asked. Frisk nodded.

    “Yo, I wanna help too!” Monster Kid insisted.

    “Alright, also, just make sure Mettaton stays out of trouble, okay?”

    “Me?” Mettaton asked. “Now when have I ever?”

    “Don’t even start,” Undyne said, then turned to Alphys. “The gang and I are gonna go to Pizza Hut, wanna come?”

    “Who, me? S-sure!” Alphys said, slightly blushing, and walking out the door with him. “I mean it, though, keep them out of trouble!” Alphys called back to Frisk and Monster Kid.

    “Yo, don’t worry about it,” Monster Kid called back. “Right, Frisk?”

    Frisk nodded.


    “So, Blooky,” Mettaton said. “What do you wanna do first?”

    “I don’t kno-” Napstabot started.

    “I know!” Mettaton exclaimed, cutting him off. “I have an interview with a celebrity magazine later, wanna come?”

    Frisk and Monster Kid exchanged glances.

    “Maybe it would be better if-”

    “I know right?” Mettaton remarked. “I have fabulous ideas, no need to compliment me on them! But, if you feel the need to, please do!”

    Frisk looked at Monster Kid with an expression that said ‘What the heck is he going on about?’

    Just then the doorbell rang.

    “That must be them!” Mettaton exclaimed, starting for the door.

    “Mettaton, I don’t think Alphys would appreciate us letting people in the house,” Monster Kid said.

    “Well she probably wouldn’t,” Mettaton agreed. “However, I am a responsible adult!”

    Frisk looked at Monster Kid. ‘This can only end bad.’ They looked like they’d say.

    “Maybe we should listen to them, Mettaton…” Napstabot agreed.

    “C’mon, Blooky, you’ll love it!” Mettaton convinced him, grabbing his arm and pulling him into the next room with the camera crew and reporter.


    “So, Mettaton, you’ve recently become a TV icon throughout the world of monsters and humans,” the reporter said. “Tell me, how did you manage to do it?”

    “Well, in the Underground, believe it or not, I was the only celebrity!” Mettaton told her. “So naturally, I had a lot of fans, and virtually no haters! But it all started when my cousin Blooky here, our friend Mad Dummy, and I all started a band when we were younger. It was then I realized my true calling was to be on stage, performing for an audience!”

    “Fascinating. So, I understand you’re ghosts inhabiting robot bodies?”

    “Mhm,” Mettaton confirmed. “Doctor Alphys made mine a while ago, while we were still in the Underground, but Blooky just got his today!”

    “That’s marvelous! How does it feel?” the reporter asked, holding the microphone up to Napstabot.

    “Uh… fine, I guess…” he answered shyly.

    Monster Kid and Frisk listened to the rest of the interview behind the closed door.

    “Yo, we gotta do something to get Mettaton to calm down,” Monster Kid told Frisk.

    Frisk nodded and smiled. They went to the table and grabbed the remote and pressed a button. They then grabbed their iPhone and turned on Siri, typing in something.

    “Steven Universe,” Siri had said. The remote picked it up, and all episodes came up.

    “Great idea, Frisk!” Monster Kid congratulated his friend. Frisk smiled, filled with determination.

    “Thanks again for coming!” Mettaton called, doing a little wave to the interviewers.

    “I, uh, gotta go to the bathroom….” Napstabot said, running off. Mettaton gave him a strange look, like ‘what?’ Monster Kid and Frisk ran after him.

    “Where’d he go?” Monster Kid asked Frisk, who shrugged in response.

    They then heard a faint music, following it to Napstabot’s room.

    “You okay?” Monster Kid asked when Frisk opened the door.

    Napstabot took his headphones off. “I-I just don’t know if I feel comfortable with this new body…” he replied.

    “Well then why did you want one?”

    “Well… it was Mettaton’s idea, really. I didn’t even want to come up here, but he insisted on me going to the surface because he didn’t want to leave me behind again. Having a new body made Mettaton feel confident, so maybe it would help me too? That’s what he thought. I just wanted him to be happy.”

    Frisk knelt beside Napstabot, a sympathetic look on their face.

    “Well, most humans freak out when they see ghosts,” Monster Kid told him. “And I can see this working. I just think Mettaton is a little too excited, that’s all.”

    “Well what’re we gonna do?” Napstabot asked.

    “Well,” Monster Kid smiled, exchanging glances with Frisk. “We’ve got something fun planned we think everyone can enjoy.”


    Monster Kid sat in between Napstabot and Mettaton on the beanbags, and Frisk sat on Mettaton’s lap.

    “Who knew watching this show could be so fun?!” Mettaton exclaimed. Frisk giggled.

    “We did!” Monster Kid laughed jokingly.

    “Hey guys, we’re ba- oh my God is that Steven Universe?” Alphys said, walking in the door.

    “I’ll get the popcorn!” Undyne announced, walking into the kitchen.

    “Ooo, is this a new episode?” Papyrus asked.

    “I think it’s the Bismuth one,” Sans told him.

    “tEMMiE’s fAvORITe CHARActer is LioN!”

    In a few minutes, everyone was on the beanbags and couches in front of the television.

    “Thanks, darlings,” Mettaton said to Frisk and Monster Kid. Napstabot smiled, which he hadn’t done it a long time.


    “Guys?” Flowey called, still on the lab windowsill. The lights were all turned off and shadows were being casted on all the walls. “Guys this isn’t funny. It’s scary in here. Please help.”

    Demonic laughter came from the far corner of the room. Flowey could see two glowing red eyes, a smile, and the moonlight reflecting off a sharp piece of metal.

    “Oh no… not you.”

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