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Discussion in 'Steam & Downloadable Games' started by JustKrispy, Dec 29, 2015.

  1. JustKrispy

    JustKrispy Retired Retired

    (Oh yeah, we all knew this one would happen eventually.)

    So discuss, fellow MyFallenites. Who's your favorite character? What's your favorite ending? Why? 

    Or perhaps, do you think this game is just a bit overrated? Maybe a little? 

    I'd love to hear your opinion! 
  2. Wynter

    Wynter Retired Staff Member Retired

    I've never even played Undertale, I don't understand the hype. Someone explain to me what it is xD
  3. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    I never played the game either, but somehow I gradually started knowing more and more about it...

    Anyways, my favorite character is Temmie. I don't know why, but I crack up every time I see Temmie.

    Favorite ending has got to be the Pacifist. Why? The Neutral ending (I think) is nightmare fuel, and the Genocide ending, after all you've done, is pretty sad. Pacifist is sad too, but you don't kill anyone, nor is there any nightmare fuel, which is great. I'm not particularly fond of nightmare fuel. And yeah, I think its overrated just a little bit.
  4. nikkiwikki234

    nikkiwikki234 Retired Retired

    @Wynter Basically, you play a non-gendered human whom you can name yourself (most people call them Frisk, however) who falls down a mountain peak. Years ago, monsters and humans lived in peace, until war broke out. They were sentenced to live underground, the only entrance at the peak you had just fallen in. You miraculously survive, and meet a guide named Flowey, who will help you out. [​IMG]
  5. AmberTheTato

    AmberTheTato Retired Retired

    Recently, I watched on Youtube a walkthrough/let's play. I may or may not be becoming slight... trash? xD

    Mostly, I love the plot, reuse of music (music too), and the uniqueness I guess. I also love the character, they're really lovable, and the amount of easter eggs. What makes me curious is the (Er... This might be spoilers, not sure) other fallen souls. Sometimes I wonder if there are any prequels/sequels after this involving them. Er... favorite character. I think my favorite would be.... ah geez, this is hard. Maybe Alphys and any cute characters in the game like those dogs or Onionsan. My favorite ending is probably Neutral, the plot twists at the end kinda got me.
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  6. Castiel Winchester

    Castiel Winchester New Member

    One, Sans. I know I'm a stereotypical skeleton loving fan but seriously. Sans. My favourite ending has to be True Pacifist after a Geno run. Also, I agree. I like Undertale for it's secrets and easter eggs. 

    *sits in the True Lab* 
  7. jonpro02

    jonpro02 Member

    There's so much about this game, i just, can't say my favorite part. But definitely the characters and story, and of course the humor. Also, easter eggs that you want to find like your mom told you she tuffed them with $20 bills. My favorite character(s) are Sans and Flowey. Sans because well, in the words of Winchester "seriously. Sans" He and Flowey have a very different role or mood depending on how you play. Flowey because well, what i just said, and he's just the cutest thing that has ever wanted to kill me. Oh, and this:[​IMG]
  8. Le Amazing Ocelot

    Le Amazing Ocelot Retired Retired

    My favorite character... I like all of them a lot, they all have their own strengths, weaknesses, flaws, powers, and they're all so relatable. As for the endings, I prefer the pacifist ending, just because I like happy endings.
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  9. Trem

    Trem Forum & In-Game Moderator Retired

    My favorite character would definitely be Papyrus. I relate to him so much, with his efforts to try to be important and instead being ignored. I love his laugh, too, haha. That "nyeheheh!" brightens my day and makes me chuckle.
    The ending that I just adore is pacifist. You really get to know the characters and their personalities, as it is an RPG game. I just can't bring myself to kill anyone. I cried when I killed Toriel and Papyrus the first time -- I will never kill Toriel again.
  10. KadyTheLlama

    KadyTheLlama Well-Known Member

    My favorite character has got to be either Papyrus or Sans. I know it seems obvious that these two would seem like everyone's favorite characters but I like them because of how funny they are together. Sans cracks puns at any opportunity possible and Papyrus's laugh is fun to mimic. It's hard not to like Papyrus because of how kind he is (in both runs) and his ego. My favorite ending is the pacifist because it ends with the villain turning out to be a lonely kid who's best friend passed away and just wants you to forgive him. I completed both runs (genocide recently) and the hardest monster to kill was *drum roll* Papyrus. Yeah, I'm an Undertale fan.
  11. AbbyTurtleGirl

    AbbyTurtleGirl Member

    My favourite character is Burgerpants :> or as I like to call him, Whisk. He's just one of those underrated characters that everyone forgets about

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