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What Happened?

Discussion in 'Toxic Backstory' started by Jehosophat_MFGC, Oct 10, 2016.

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    World War 5, it started out just as a simple argument between two major powers, China and America. Of course the Allies joined in each side and fought for years. It escalated when the Chinese and Russians started to threaten nuclear war. No one remembers who pressed the button.

    As the nukes flew between each continent civilization new it was doomed. The smaller countries were the first to go, obliterated by nuclear winter. Europe was the next to seize to exist. Canada was the longest to hold out; they didn’t join the war, but the nuclear winter would get to them. Slowly but surely they were all taken out.

    After fifteen years of war, Russia, China, and the United States all finally agreed to peace, but it was too late; the damage has already been done.

    The world was terribly damaged. Out of 14 billion people only 5 billion survived. After the war, our greatest scientists looked all through the world for a bit of land where we could all live and survive. We had to survive; we were the last of the human race.

    The land was Australia, but not all of it was habitable; only half of the continent was. Our leaders formed together: The Prime Minister of Australia, John Kuzack; the President of the United States of America, Charlotte Forvever; the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Michael Finnigan; the President of Russia, Edvar Norvoski; and the President of the People’s Republic of China, An Wei. They created The Council of Five, who lead together and allow the last of the human race to survive.

    The council of five put our smartest scientists work on two possible ways to ensure the human race survives. Two research teams were made: one to dig below the ground and ensure we survive and see what we could do, and another to try and reduce the radiation by using the perfect device, air purifiers, indestructible air purifiers that will work no matter what the cost.

    The purifiers worked for a short period of time. But they broke. We couldn’t repair them or turn them off. The council of five quickly formed and got our scientists working on a ship to get us out of this poisoned world. To look for a new world. To look for our Vita.

    Editors Note: Vita in this world means “Sanctuary”

    After years of waiting, our population was almost wiped out; from 5 billion we only have 3,000 left. Whether it was the poison in the air or the constant fighting, we’re not sure what caused the mass death; the government isn’t too open about it.

    We searched for years. We found our new world. Vita. We landed safely in an area, but the problem was we only have 300 gas masks. not enough for our 3,000 crew members. Some elected to stay on board while others sneaked out against the government wishes. They were changed by the air. They became blood thirsty and attacked anything in sight. They became Cannibals.

    The Marauders and Scavengers first started out with the government but left after they decided to do away with everything. The government changed their name to Scintari. They began to control their area with an iron fist. Until the Cannibals, Marauders and Scavengers teamed up and attacked. The Scintari government was forced to retreat and built a new home. The Cannibals took over the old Scintari homeland.

    In the year of 5534 there was a pact between all factions that the Scintari government can now have a home near the rest and that their homes will not be attacked. The agreement wasn’t fully read by the Cannibals, Marauders or Scavengers; they all signed this giving the Scintari government complete power and allowing the Scintari knights the power to arrest any member outside of any faction.

    The rest you can say… is history….
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