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whats the best thing you have ever built on the server?

Discussion in 'Phoenix' started by chiefzombie, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. chiefzombie

    chiefzombie New Member

    mine is a castle i built with jepoolie
  2. owen106

    owen106 I'm Spiderman

    I once built this really cool sand pillar but it all broke when someone put a torch under it
  3. chiefzombie

    chiefzombie New Member

    aww bummer
  4. chiefzombie

    chiefzombie New Member

    how long did it take ?
  5. Jehosophat_MFGC

    Jehosophat_MFGC Community Manager: Server Experience Staff Member Community Manager

    Hard to say what was the best. I find I like everything I build and like each new one more than the last as I get better at designing with blocks :p
  6. MadManMather

    MadManMather New Member

    I like my Nordic Village which is incomplete.
  7. Ownhard

    Ownhard New Member

    I haven't built much on the server, but from the things I have made, I think my unfinished ship is the best.
  8. Matt

    Matt Member

    On this server, definitely has to be the football stadium!
  9. Toa Lucario

    Toa Lucario Retired Staff Member Retired

    Mine wasn't built in the normal server, rather, it was constructed in xtreme... I was attempting to reconstruct the castle and village from the CaptainSparklez' video: Fallen Kingdom. However, as xtreme always is, it became turbulent and was destroyed by another faction... I'm going to try rebuilding it in the normal server though!
  10. TheBigCheese

    TheBigCheese New Member

    Can't wait to see that :eek: . I like my farm so far, even though it's around 1/10 done
  11. extremekiwi007

    extremekiwi007 New Member

    My Chinese style house in the town Alexandria, it even has a bonzai tree
  12. GeneralLihkan

    GeneralLihkan Retired Staff

    my favorite would have to be either the twin towers of griffamor or the Great towers of stockholm :)
  13. Inces_Velus

    Inces_Velus New Member

    Mine is the temple...that is not working any more...DANG RIVERS!
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