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When the sky sets - Chapter One

Discussion in 'Creative Writing' started by Slushy, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. Slushy

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    Ripplerain (Will appear more than once in the next chapter)
    Bouncesplash (Will appear more than once in the next chapter)
    Rainpaw was washing the herbs, starting to fall asleep until Stormfeather came in and said that he was done washing and sorting his half of the herbs. "W-what!?" Rainpaw shouted at him "How?!" He stared at her "Because I usually get enough sleep so I can go through the whole day without feeling tired." Rainpaw glanced down at her paws "Come on, Rainpaw, you have to start going to sleep, you'll never be good at being a Medicine Cat with the lack amount of rest you get.." Rainpaw sighed "I'm sorry, I'm just... I don't know.." Stormfeather gave a slight smile "Go get some rest, I handle your half." Rainpaw protested "But!" Stormfeather glared at his apprentice "Did I stutter?" Rainpaw sighed and shook her head no, and went to her nest.

    Darktail was going crazy, she couldn't believe that Scorchkit went out of camp without a guide. She glared at the kit, almost screaming as loud as she could. "What were you thinking?!?" She yelled. Scorchkit fired back "I was supposed to be made an apprentice yesterday! It's not my fault I'm over the age limit to be going outside of camp!!" She screamed back at the deputy, who was also her adoptive mother. Darktail screamed back at her daughter "I didn't think you were ready!" Scorchkit stepped back her ears flat her nose scrunched up "When a kit reaches six moons they are ready to become apprentices!!!" She yelled loud enough for a few cats outside the den to hear. Darktail sighed "Fine, if you think you're ready, I'll talk to Redstar about your apprentice ceremony." Darktail whipped around like a flash of lightning and stalked out of the den.

    Redtail was washing himself when Darktail stomped in. "Something wrong?" Redstar asked. "Scorchkit thinks she is ready to be made an apprentice." Darktail replied, "She isn't wrong, I was going to make her an apprentice yesterday, but you stopped me, Darktail.. Why did you stop me?" Redstar asked. "I didn't think she was ready though.." Redstar sighed "But she was.. She was six moons, she should've been training by now.. She'll have to train for a while today to make up for lost time yesterday.." Redstar stood up, and trotted out the den, and crawled onto the High ledge and meow loud and strong, "May all cats old enough to hunt their own prey, gather beneath the High Ledge for a clan meeting." All the cats gathered in an instant, Scorchkit was the first one there. Redstar the ambition gleaming in the young kits eyes, he smiled brightly "We have an apprentice ceremony a day overdue." He announced loudly "Scorchkit, please come forward!" Scorchkit walked forward in an instant "From this moment until you earn your warrior name, you will be known as Scorchpaw! You will be mentored by Ripplerain, but we also have another ceremony! Silverkit step forward!" Silverkit stumbled forward. "From this moment on until you earn your warrior name you will be known as Silverpaw! Your mentor will be Bouncesplash!" The mentors met with their apprentices and then everycat chanted "Silverpaw, Scorchpaw, Silverpaw, Scorchpaw!" Redstar silenced the cats with a flick of his tail. "You are dismissed!" He jumped of the rock, and the cats returned to what they were doing.

    Did you guys like chapter one? Well stay tuned for chapter two!
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    I liked chapter one! Is this the story you were doing with everyone's chars?
  3. Slushy

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    Yes! It is! ^>^

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