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Wiki - OFFICIAL - Personal Character Forms! OPEN!!

Discussion in 'Forest of FallenLight' started by Paintfury, Jul 4, 2018.

  1. Paintfury

    Paintfury Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator

    I’ve been working on the Wiki recently and figured, perhaps, personal kitties could have their own separate links and such. That being said, if you’re interested just fill out the little form thing below!

    Name(s): (any former names if they’ve had them, example: Batkit, Batpaw, Batchaser, etc.)
    Your IGN: (your in game username, for example mine is Painteh)
    Gender: (birth gender, anything else if they identify)
    Current/Former Residence(s): (Clans, Packs, Rogue/Loner, etc.)
    Personality: (sentences, not listed characteristics)
    Cause of Death: (if deceased, did they go to LightClan, Shadow Forest, or Void?)

    Quote: (not required)
    Picture: (not required, can be art or actual cat pictures, send link if you wish)
    Backstory: (to present, or when you began roleplaying on FL)
    Family Tree: (can simply be parents or can go far enough back if those characters are relevant to your cat)
    Mate/Crush: (if they have any, can also be former lovers. Make sure to list offspring genders as well)
    Offspring: (list names and genders of the kits)
    Trivia/Fun Facts: (not required)

    Lives given and by who
    : (example: first life of hope given by Cougarflame, etc.)
    Lives lost and how: (example: first life lost by drowning, etc.)
    Number of remaining lives: (example: 3/9)
    Preceded by: (leader rank and deputy)
    Succeeded by: (unless dead; leader rank and deputy)


    Hope all of that makes sense! Go wild with your forms and add anything else you want!!


    Finished kitties:
    Sunstar- https://www.myfallen.net/wiki/sunstar-dc/
    Batchaser- https://www.myfallen.net/wiki/batchaser-dc/
    Raintail- https://www.myfallen.net/wiki/raintail-dc/
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  2. Peyton c:

    Peyton c: Retired Retired

    I'd love one for Sunny D!!! :D


    There's the link for the biography!! ^^

    Information needed, though:
    Apprentices: Creekpaw and Honeypaw
    Mentor: (former) Blazingstar
    Quote: "Your battle is with Sleetclan. Not with your own. If you keep attacking yourself, so to speak, then there will be no one left to fight for." Sunstar to Wolfstar after Wolfstar revealed the truth about his punishments on disobedient Meadowclanners
    Mate/Crush/Offspring: Conflicted feelings for Wolfstar and Batchaser. Whoops sorry not sorry. Her offspring are mentioned in the link, too
    Lives given and by who: Strength (given by Thornstar), Mother's Love (given by Birchclaw), Nobility (given by Stonetail), Empathy (given by Lostheart), Wisdom (given by Spottedfern), Care (given by Littlefang), Love (given by Bugkit), Loyalty (given by Mintfeather), Acceptance (given by Marian)
    Deputy: Batchaser
    Preceded by: Blazingstar
    Succeeded by: Batchaser, probably
    Trivia/Fun Facts: Sunstar's favorite color is red, and she has an affinity for blue eyes. She's also adopted.
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  3. BryIsntHere

    BryIsntHere Senior Manager Staff Member Senior In-Game Manager

    Name(s): Raintail
    Gender: Tom
    Current/Former Residence(s): Meadowclan (former), Driftclan (current)
    Appearance: A grey tabby tom with white specks, one white paw, and water blue eyes. He is missing an eye from when Grumpyface took it out.
    Personality: Ranitail is a generally optimistic cat. Nothing really bothers him that much. However, when it comes to a debate between right and wrong or loyalty he'll quickly pick sides. After his experience with Wolfstar in Meadowclan he isn't one to sit by and watch cats be mistreated.
    Cause of Death: Still alive
    Apprentice(s): Windypaw (while in Meadowclan)
    Mentor(s): Littledipper

    Quote: "That is no longer my clan, and I am no longer your old warrior pal" -Raintail to Wolfstar on the border between Meadowclan and Driftclan
    Picture: Nope
    Backstory: Raintail was a loyal warrior to his former clan, Meadowclan. He never questioned any of his leader's actions and was at peace with the life he had. However, everything changed when Wolfstar took command. He had overheard a conversation between him and his former friend, Grumpyface. Wolfstar had asked the other cat to be second in command and fight alongside him against Sleetclan. Wolfstar tried to make an example of what he did to "traitors", ordering Grumpyface to remove Raintail's tail. Raintail pleaded his innocence but to no avail, being attacked by his former friend Grumpyface and losing an eye in the battle. Following the event, he led a group of Meadowclan cats to Driftclan, where he hoped that would have a better life and be treated fairly.
    Family Tree: Unknown
    Mate/Crush: None currently
    Offspring: None currently
    Trivia/Fun Facts: N/A
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  4. Paintfury

    Paintfury Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator

  5. AwesomePuppy

    AwesomePuppy Well-Known Member

    Name(s): Spiritkit, Spiritpaw, Spiritsong
    Gender: Male, gay
    Current/Former Residence(s): DriftClan (current), MeadowClan (former)
    Appearance: A slim and small light bluish-gray tom-cat speckled with white along his back and the top of his head. His large eyes are a sparkling light blue with a core of dark azure
    Personality: Spirit, at a young age, was always very curious about the world, very perky, and confused by a lot of things. Though, when his parents died, he fell into a darker depression that took him awhile to get over. Now he is mostly back to his kit-ish self, having also developed a want to make everyone as cheerful as possible because he's tired of things being sad and a mother-like attitude towards anyone and everyone who he deems needs to be cared for.
    Apprentice(s): Goldenpaw/splash
    Mentor(s): Bubbleshine

    Quote: "DWIE, EWIL CWEATWRE! DWIE!" - Spiritkit to the cobwebs of MeadowClan when he was attempting to collect them
    Backstory: Spiritkit was born to Dreamcatcher and Brittebranch alongside two sisters. Since he could walk, he had been stumbling around, looking for something interesting. His curiosity was what brought him to Bubbleshine and later got him to be her apprentice. Spiritpaw did his best as an apprentice, always making up weird ways to remember herbs (and avoiding cobwebs at all costs). Though, also in his apprenticeship, his parents both died from causes that might have been helped if Spirit had acted fast enough. Because of this, Spiritpaw blamed himself, falling into a sort of depression as Bubbleshine stepped down and Spirit was made medicine cat of MeadowClan. The one thing that eventually got him out of this very dark place was his acquaintance with Coriandersprig, the medicine cat of EclipseClan. They quickly formed a relationship, meeting at the border of the clans, Spirit usually on his way to collect comfrey or other herbs. Though, when Coriandersprig asked if they were mates, Spirit said that he'd rather not it be called that or be in that area until they weren't medicine cats anymore, trying to avoid breaking the rules as much as possible. Spiritsong later chose his apprentice, Goldenpaw, and trained her best he could, soon retiring from his job so she could take his place. Coriandersprig also retired and left his clan to join DriftClan, Spirit soon to follow. Though, before he left, Spirit's sister, Mudwing, gave birth. Because of a condition Mudwing had, one that meant her death before she could reach an old age and the thing Spirit had been foreboding for awhile because of his fear of losing another member of his shrinking family, Spiritsong's sister died during the birth of her four kits, only one of which lived and this being Bluekit. Right after such, Spiritsong placed the tom-kit in the Nursery and immediately left for DriftClan to join Coriandersprig, despairing at his sister's death. Sunstar excepted him into the clan and that is where he currently resides.
    Family Tree: Brittlebranch (mother, deceased), Dreamcatcher (father, deceased), Vervaincatcher (sister), Mudwing (sister, deceased), Bluekit (nephew, Mudwing's son)
    Mate: Coriandersprig (male-ish?)
    Trivia/Fun Facts: Spiritsong had a speech impediment as a kit and used to call himself 'Swearitkwit' (and variations of such) because of it. Spirit also loves to give other cats nicknames, such as CilantroLove (Coriandersprig), milk-mom (Brittlebranch, his mother), and Miss Leader Ma'am (Sunstar).
  6. Paintfury

    Paintfury Forum Moderator Staff Member Forum Moderator

  7. James Dailey

    James Dailey Well-Known Member

    Name(s): Lionkit, Lionpaw, Lionskies, Blazingskies, Blazingstar
    Gender: Male
    Current/Former Residence(s): Driftclan(present)
    Appearance: Orange tabby with a slightly crooked tail. His ear tips are white and his tailtip is white, also. He has one green eye and one hazel eye. He has a white underbelly with orange spots. White stripes line his back and flanks.
    Personality: Blaze is outgoing and persistent, and usually doesn't take no for an answer. He also is very loving and sweet to those who love him, and does whatever he can to help them. He loves all of his kits, and is a great father to them all.
    Cause of Death: N/A
    Apprentice(s): Sunpaw(star)
    Mentor(s): N/A

    Backstory: Blazingskies was an abandoned kit found at the edge of the border and was taken in and joined DC. He grew up without any family and developed slight trust issues, as the clan saw him as an outcast until he met his first lover, Willowheart. She accidentally got pregnant and he left her out of guilt and nervousness. He then took his first mate, Featherdust, and had kits with her. She died soon after, and he was mortified. A few moons later, he met Frostpool, and had kits with her, but she left him and ran away. Again, he became depressed and became friends with Honeystar. She soon chose him as her deputy and he later became Blazingstar.
    Family Tree: Parents: None Sister(s): Doveclaw, Foxsong
    Mate/Crush: Former Mates: Willowheart, Featherdust, and Frostpool.
    Offspring: Sunstar (Female, Adopted), Deathberry (Male, Stepson), Rainbowstream (Female), Fogkit (Male), Lionkit (Male), Magnoliapaw (Female), Moonkit (Female), Skieskit (Female), Stonecrackle (Female), Streamsearch (Female).

    Lives given and by who: N/A (I forget it was in October xD)
    Lives lost and how: First: falling from a tree. Second: Sickness. Third: Sickness again rip. Fourth: Drowning. Fifth: Killed by a rogue. Sixth: Infection from a cut. Seventh: Unknown Eighth: Suffocating.
    Number of remaining lives: 1/9 (His normal life)
    Deputy(s): Sunshower(star)
    Preceded by: Honeystar
    Succeeded by: Sunshower
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  8. bleuucat

    bleuucat New Member

    Name(s): Gingerkit, Gingerpaw, Gingerbranch
    Gender: She-cat
    Current/Former Residence(s): Driftclan, Lightclan
    Appearance: A small, white she-cat with an orange backside, tail, and ears. Her eyes are ice blue and she has an orange patch on her left eye. Her left hind leg is orange along with her right front paw. Underneath her right eye is an orange marking similar to a heart with surrounding freckles. She occasionally wears a flower crown with small blue and purple flowers.
    Personality: Gingerbranch is a generally nice cat, and tried her best to keep a positive attitude. She is calm and collected, although can get very frustrated at times. She will not hesitate to defend herself or her clan if she has to, and is always looking for something she can do to help.
    Cause of Death: Murdered by Smiles
    Apprentice(s): Honeysplash
    Mentor(s): Coriandersprig

    Pictures: https://sta.sh/2ersktcsgep
    Backstory: Gingerkit never looked forward to becoming an apprentice, she always wanted to do something else. She never found interest in being a warrior from the very start. When her best friend Bugkit was killed in a tragic accident, her entire personality changed. She never wanted anything like that to ever happen again. Sunshower decided that she would best suit the role of a medicine cat, and declared her as the medicine cat apprentice. She needed to be mentored by Coriandersprig from Eclipseclan, because Driftclan had no medicine cat at the time.
    Family Tree: First of the generation. (No known kin.)
    Mate/Crush: None
    Offspring: None
    Trivia/Fun Facts: Gingerbranch's alternative name would have been Gingerwish, and she even get's called that on accident sometimes. :'')
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  9. James Dailey

    James Dailey Well-Known Member

    Name(s): Kiwikit, Kiwipaw, Kiwimist
    Gender: Female
    Current/Former Residence(s): Eclipseclan
    Appearance: Kiwimist is a pure black she cat with one hazel and one blue eye. Her muzzle is a dark mocha color, and she has brown spots all over her body.
    Personality: Kiwi is sweet and thoughtful, but can be feisty whenever somebody threatens or endangers her or her family. She also is very stubborn, and sticks to what she believes in.
    Cause of Death: N/A
    Apprentice(s): Oceanpaw
    Mentor(s): Blueberrystem

    Quote: "You young cats are so focused on what's ahead of you, you never look down and see what's in front of you. Sometimes if what's in front of you is good enough, you'll forget about your future and focus on the present." -Kiwimist to Spottedpaw after she caught her meeting Thistlepaw at the border.
    Backstory: Kiwimist was born and raised in Eclipseclan, and that's all she's ever known. When she met Stormstar, however, she became that cat she is today. She became kind and thoughtful, but her stubbornness and feistiness stayed. She learned how to be friends with people, and how to not snap at everything she sees.
    Family Tree: N/A
    Mate/Crush: Stormstar <3
    Offspring: Blueberrykit, Raspberrykit, Blackberrykit
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  10. X_Eaglefrost_X

    X_Eaglefrost_X Moderator Staff Member In-Game Moderator

    Name(s): Sand, Sandpaw, Sandstream
    Gender: Male
    Current/Former Residence(s): Loner, Driftclan, Loner, Meadowclan (current)
    Appearance: Sandstream is a small, sandy-pelted tom with white belly. He has brown eyes with a long tail.
    Personality: Sandpaw is a cheerful cat. He can be shy around strangers, but is quite charismatic. He can be tough on himself, but he forgives easily, as long as he sees that people are regretful. Recently, he has found it hard to form bonds. He rarely gives up.

    Picture: (Someone drew one for me a LONG time ago, if I find it I'll let you know)
    EDIT: Drawing of Sandstream (then Sandpaw) from 2017. Credit: Space_Landon
    Backstory: When he was 3 moons old, Sandstream's (then Sand) family was murdered by a rogue ex-clan cat. He was then found by Sunshower at the Driftclan border, where he became an apprentice 3 moons later. Near the end of his apprenticeship, his back was injured by a pigeon, postponing his apprenticeship and giving him his fear. He later recovered and became a warrior, and disappeared soon after to try and figure some things out in his past.

    While he was away, he found his old den-mate, Slate. They became mates, and had kits. However, they were killed by a rogue, (Unnamed). Sandstream tracked him down for a moon and killed him in revenge. He still hasn't forgiven himself.
    Family Tree: Mother: Apricot Father: Heather
    Siblings: 3 (deceased, currently unnamed) Adopted: Slate (she-cat, recently deceased)
    Driftclan: Adopted mother (in his eyes, unofficial): Sunshower/Star
    Mate/Crush: Slate (Deceased)
    Offspring: Swallow (She-cat, deceased, 11 days at time of death)
    Maple (She-cat, deceased, 4 moons at time of death)
    Frost (She-cat, deceased, 4 moons at time of death)
    Sparrow (Tom, deceased, 4 moons at time of death)
    Trivia/Fun Facts: Sandstream used to be afraid of pigeons.
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