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Discussion in 'Steam & Downloadable Games' started by TheLlamaQueen, Jan 22, 2015.

  1. TheLlamaQueen

    TheLlamaQueen Retired Staff Member Retired

    Ok, first, I don't know if this is in the right section x3 and if you have never played Wizard101, you must read this and then play it.

    (Btw, stuff marked with an asterisk I will explain [terribly] later)

    Ok, so, Wizard101 is a bootiful game you can download off its site (Wizard101.com) or something along those lines.

    In Wizard101 you start of as a level 1 wizard in Wizard City* (you can be a boy or a girl and you can name and customise yourself). In Wizard101 there is 6 or so Magical Schools. The Fire School, Ice School, Death School, Life School, Myth School and Balance School. You do a quiz to see which school you're in at the beginning of the game.

    So, once you enter Wizard City, you start off fighting* this evil guy, Malistaire, who is a big part in the plotty side of things.

    Once you've finished with him, you'll go to the Commons* in Wizard City to speak with Headmaster Ambrose, the headmaster of like all the schools. He'll give you your first quest.

    Quests are well, quests and you'll come across hundreds of quests in your time playing Wizard101. In quests, a character will tell you to do something, fight someone, do stuff, and reward you with gold*, experiance*, pets*, furniture*, clothes* etc depending on the type of quest.

    Ok, as you progress through the game, you will go up levels and unlock different places. Wizard City is only one of the many places in the Spiral*. When you reach higher levels, you will go to different places, meet new people and get new quests and stuff.

    So that's sort of the basics.


    There are countless levels, about 100 or more, and as you reach higher levels, it will be harder to get up to the next one. When you reach certain levels, your teacher* of your particular school will give you a new spell* to use in fighting. Levels unlock places, clothes, wands, pets and all kinds of stuff.


    So, fighting is really cool. Sometimes you will be given a quest to defeat a monster or a boss or an evil wizard or something. The first and easiest monster you will have to deafeat are ghosts in Wizard City. When you get up levels and go to new places, the monsters will get hard, then really hard.

    To fight, you will have spells to use. Spells are like cardlike things that you use when fighting. Once you have got a monsters attention, and begin to fight it, your spelldeck* will pop up and you can select your spell and use it to weaken then defeat the monster. I will explain spells and stuff later. It's kinda hard to explain fighting, so I'll let you find more out for yourself.


    Spells are neat. You will get a small pack of spellcards when you first begin, then gain them from your teacher, or other characters as you progress. Spells are so hard to describe XD, so I'll sort of let you just see them for yourself. Your spelldeck is where you put your cards so you can use them in battle.

    Wizard City

    Wizard City is the city you will start off in. It has Ravenwood, the place where all the schools are, the Commons, just this random place where you can show off, The Shopping District, for all your shopping needs, Olde Town, which is the gateway to Firecat ally, Cyclops Lane and Triton Avenue. Wizard City also has Collosal Bolevard (totally not spelt right) and the place called Unicorn something x3 Wizard City has plenty of monsters to fight too!

    The Spiral

    The Spiral is like the universe. Enough said.


    Gold is like money. You use it to buy stuff and you get it from chests, people, quests, monsters and things like that.


    Experiance gets you up levels. You get it from quests and monsters and stuff.


    Pets are amazing. They are like little animals/mythical things that follow you around and sometimes give you spells. The more amazing pets you have, the more people will like you. You can get pets from quests and you can also buy them with crowns* or gold. Or you might get one on a game card* or bundle*.


    Furniture is like, well, furniture for your dorm room* or house* or castle*. You can get it from the shop (crown or normal) or from quests and fighting monsters and stuff.


    Clothes is yeah clothes for your character. You start off with the default clothes, which kinda suck a bit, but as you go, you will gain clothes like you get everything else. Some clothes are really awesome and will make you look fab, and some might even give you a Kewl spell or two.


    Teachers are your teachers and you have to respect them (no you don't).

    The teachers are the instructors of the schools. They have really weird names so I can't name them, but you'll find out anyway. Some of the teachers are really annoying too. And like I said, when you reach certain levels, your teacher will give you a free spellcard.

    Houses and stuff

    So, your first house will be a dorm room in Ravenwood. This is where you can plonk all your furniture stuff and pets that you don't want to carry around. When you feel like an upgrade, you can go to the crown shop and buy like a mansion or a castle or something. Be warned, they're very expensive though.

    Crowns, the Crown shop, Gamecards and bundles

    When you first start off, you will be given 75 crowns which is not enough to buy anything from the crown shop. Crowns are little green... Crowns that you get using real money. But never to fear! You don't have to beg your mom and dad to use their credit card. You can get Gamecards from Walmart, and gamey-places everywhere (even in the land down under). Gamecards might give you some crowns (enough to buy something) and maybe a pet or a mount (which is liek an animal or something you ride on cause I can't be bothered to explain). Bundles are something you buy off the Wizard101 website and they do need a credit/debit card. Bundles give you mounts and houses and crowns and stuff.

    Sometimes a place will need unlocking, and the only way to do that is use membership (also requires credit card) or crowns. If you don't have any crowns on hand, be patient or go buy another card. The place won't go away. Also, I don't know how many levels you can go up without using crowns.

    So, I think I've explained everything pretty well. If you don't understand a word I said, don't worry! Because there is a million little tutorials and we also have google ;D.

    I would just like to say Wizard101 is an online game, which means it requires internet. You will need a sturdy computer to download it, because Wizard101 is big, and I mean BIG (and amazing). The graphics are simply bootiful.

    The best thing is that you are also playing with loads of other people, so you can have friends and chat. Hey, having trouble with that monster? Just give a shout and someone is bound to come to your rescue.

    That's about it!

    Have fun playing guys and stay safe online ;3

    Edit: Oh yeah, for all you people who like to attack each other, there is PvP, and if you can your friends want to play together and help each other, it is online, so you should be able to find each other in the world. Just organise a meeting spot.
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  2. sammydog132

    sammydog132 Retired Retired

    I played Wizard101 before, its fun. But I stopped playing it around a year ago, after my membership expired and thats one of the only ways to play the game. I didn't want to keep on buying something only to buy it again.
  3. TheLlamaQueen

    TheLlamaQueen Retired Staff Member Retired

    Buying crowns is useful too. Once you unlock it with crowns, its unlocked forever for all the wizards on your account.
  4. sammydog132

    sammydog132 Retired Retired

  5. chatterbox888

    chatterbox888 Retired

    I did play it, but someone deleted it and I'm too lazy to get it back ATM. : D <3
  6. LeJiggy

    LeJiggy Well-Known Member

    I LOVE Wizard101 .Well, okay, maybe that's exaggerating a bit. I like the game, but Minecraft's better because... logic.  I think it was the first game I actually bothered to download, because I didn't discover Minecraft until about second or third grade... 

    I have phases where I get into it for a long while... I then have these long periods of time where I can't be bothered xD and my mom gets ticked off because she pays for my membership, so then I start playing again and I'm like 'I'm gonna play this all the time!' until I start playing MC again.... xP 

    The problem, though, is that to get a lot of the cool in game stuff you have to spend a bunch of money to buy gold with crowns, which I don't do because it... it just seems kinda ridiculous to spend that much money on in game stuff, but then it takes hours to get enough to buy the good stuff and I'm like 'can't be bothered...' and you have to be a high level to start getting quests that pay really well all the time, and it takes a while to get to that point... it's a matter of getting off your butt (figuratively) and playing the game to actually get stuff, which a LOT of people don't do, they just buy it all... I may just quit the game completely because of the money spending it tries to tempt you into doing, but it's such a great game and all games kinda push you to spend money on them... I know that once I get all the cool stuff after like two years of playing it's just gonna be like "YES i'm a bawss... so what now?" but for now I will try to get that stupid lioness mount *hisss* and a castle, once I stop being indecisive... 

    I think I honestly need a break from the internet for awhile... XD Maybe I will do that... just me and mah book... sounds like a nice life. I might die of boredom and a reading headache after three hours of it straight, but who cares, the outside is there for me to enjoy as well! *runs out to go hug a tree*

    Computer games are driving my sanity to the breaking point. Halp me. 
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  7. FlowyGlowy

    FlowyGlowy New Member

    Once you're like level 60 you can get 100,000 gold per hour. Seriously. I can take you there and get you some if you want. I'm level 84 right now so it's pretty easy for me. And all the stuff costs like 20,000 gold at level 80-90 so... I can afford ANYTHING! (Maybe not anything, but most things?)
  8. FlowyGlowy

    FlowyGlowy New Member

    Sorry for two posts in a row. That first one was just replying. 

    I really like Wizard101. It's tied with Minecraft (Well, only FallenLight on Minecraft) and the Elder Scrolls games as my favorite game of all time. I've played it for two years, and if anyone else who plays it wants help, I'm looking for something to do that does not involve defeating zombie dinosaurs in Azteca. So, yeah. I'm usually up for helping anyone Zafaria and under. Avalon, maybe, Azteca, slight chance, Khyrsalis... No. I'm Destiny Windgem on there and I also have a level 35 thaumaturge (ice wizard) named Destiny Icesong. I usually have at least 50,000 gold and I'm willing to share my techniques and help you guys get gold! I can also help anyone around level 30 level up about 5 times in three certain Celestia dungeons. Also, if anyone likes pet hatching, I'm totally for it. My pet has unicorn, fairy, and sword and shield so just be sure to bring a lot of gold if you want to hatch. You can usually find me in Dragonspyre (helping my level 51 sister), Azteca (doing my own quests), Wintertusk (using the gold method) or, I'll likely be hanging around the Tartarus entrance soon. If anyone wants to meet me in game, we can set up a time and I'll meet you in-game! 

    PS. I'm terrible at PvP. Don't even ask me to do 2v2 with you.

    PSS. My school is storm and I can give any other diviners some battling tips if you want them. I have text chat.
  9. Kasai Kun

    Kasai Kun Well-Known Member

    I used to play when I was younger,it was fun,but memberships,and crowns were a major distaste for me.
  10. TheLlamaQueen

    TheLlamaQueen Retired Staff Member Retired

    Yes, buying stuff can get rather tedious and annoying. I usually have long periods where me and my sister get really into Wizard101. Then I get sick of trying to fight this boss I can't defeat, or I run out of crowns and have to wait before I can buy a new area or something.

    Anyway, if you ever see me on I'm a level 35 Myth Wizard (Yes I know I don't play W101 much) named Emma Mooncloud, or sometimes I'll work on my low level Ice Wizard; Rowan Shadowsong

    Happy questing!
  11. JustKrispy

    JustKrispy Retired Retired

    I used to play Wizard101 a little bit.. I didn't get into it that much. Nonetheless, it is a pretty cool game. I actually played Pirate101 for a long time too, until I got stuck on one of the dungeons. xP
  12. FlowyGlowy

    FlowyGlowy New Member

    I have a level 35 character, maybe we could work together sometime? That would be fun. I'm in MooShu on that character (Destiny Icesong). I also have a level 20 character named Andrea Starblade.
  13. robotwarriorp

    robotwarriorp Well-Known Member

    Ma I played it cough cough *played* cough cough I just could not get in it thow :I
  14. robotwarriorp

    robotwarriorp Well-Known Member

  15. FlowyGlowy

    FlowyGlowy New Member

    Heeey. My Istaria post is longer than that. Just read it and you'll see.

    PS. I've written 60 pages for a short story fan-fiction. Don't challenge my post lengths.
  16. FlowyGlowy

    FlowyGlowy New Member

    How dareeee you forget storm! Stooooorrmmmm. There's 7 basic schools and 3 astral schools and then the shadow school. 11 schools. Astral schools are unlocked at level 50, you can't have them as your main school. Everyone gets Shadow around level 90 (from a quest in Khyrsalis). I'm about level 85, so I don't know much about Shadow, and I haven't done any Moon. Star has 'auras', they're hard to explain, google it. Sun lets you put buffs ON your spells. You can enchant them to do more damage or accuracy or piercing (google that if you wanna know what it is). 

    Also, has anyone seen the picture on the news letter? I think I know what the 11th (12th if you count Khyrsalis as 2) world is.

  17. Birmanista

    Birmanista Retired Retired

    Wizard101 seemed interesting to me, I was going to download it, but something pushed me away from it...

    Maybe its the fact that you need membership and whatnot to play even more.
  18. KadyTheLlama

    KadyTheLlama Well-Known Member

    I play Wizard101 every once in awhile. My by far favorite classes are fire and death. I'm currently trying to have my pet unicorn grow up so I can earn the Unicorn card spell thingy.

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