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Charredsplash (TC)

Jun 17, 2019
Charredsplash (TC)
  • Charredsplash

    Former medicine cat of TorrentClan.

    "You may think TorrentClan is yours, but the truth is I am only the beginning." - Charredsplash to Mudstar

    Charredsplash is a ginger tom with block spots, a black dapple muzzle, a black paw, and green eyes.

    Roleplayed and owned by Bry_DankMemes__.


    Charredsplash is fiercely loyal to his Clan, and aggressive toward any threat toward his Clan. However, he also believes that every cat deserves consideration despite the obvious difference in ideals between TorrentClan and the other Clans.


    Kit Medicine Cat Apprentice Medicine Cat
    Charredkit Charredpaw Charredsplash


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Appleflower Mate Deceased Unknown


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Hazelwhisker Mentor Deceased Unknown
    Crowwhisker Apprentice Deceased, killed by Mudstar Unknown


    Charredsplash had a long history with Mudstar when he took over and controlled the clan, disgusted at his methods and the cats he would invite into the clan. He took Crowwhisker, who was first Mudstar's apprentice, under his wing, sensing the tom's distraught nature from having Mudstar as a mentor. He had managed to stop Mudstar at some points of his reign, but unfortunately did not get to see the end of it as he sacrificed his life for some of his clanmates, killed by dogs that had invaded the territory.



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