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Coriandersprig (EC)

Jun 17, 2019
Coriandersprig (EC)
  • Coriandersprig

    Former medicine cat of EclipseClan.

    "I love you... Spiritsong." - Coriandersprig to Spiritsong in the loner area between EclipseClan and MeadowClan

    Coriandersprig is a light-gray bi-gender cat with a stormy-gray pelt that has darker gray splotches shaped like pieces of coriander. He has bright icy blue eyes that look like literal ice in the ocean. His eyes are very pale and soft, making it look as if Coriandersprig were to be blind, but the vision he has is perfectly fine. There are also three white flecks, like snowflakes, under each of his eyes. His nose is also black, leaving a bit of fur above it black as well, making the nose naturally look bigger.

    Roleplayed and owned by sseff.


    Kit Medicine Cat Apprentice Medicine Cat
    Corianderkit Corianderpaw Coriandersprig


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Stonebranch Father Unknown status Unknown
    Sarrowpelt Mother Alive Unknown
    Clarityfrost Sister Alive Unknown
    Sheerheart Grandmother Unknown status Unknown
    Curlewkit Cousin Unknown status Unknown
    Whisperingkit Cousin Unknown status Unknown
    Spiritsong Mate Alive AwesomePuppyGirl


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Foxears Mentor Deceased, run over by a monster Gigi4743
    Shadepaw Apprentice Unknown status Jenny_15
    Starlingpaw Apprentice Alive DracoWolfie


    Corianderkit was born in EclipseClan to the warriors Sarrowpelt and Stonebranch. At the time she considered herself a she-cat, because that's what she was born as.

    She always had the interest in herbs instead of fighting, and it was thought that this came from her fear of warriors. This was mainly because she was afraid that the warrior who would mentor her would kill her or make her do these absolutely horrible things, and Corianderkit did not want that to be done.

    Later during her life, when Corianderkit was still a kit, but closer to her apprentice age and she still continued to hang out with Foxears and Stormcatcher, her father, Stonebranch, disappeared. She had thought he had died but that Sarrowpelt never told her, but even the clan didn't even know what had happened.

    When the time had come for her to become an apprentice, Foxears had asked her to become her apprentice. Being the kit Corianderkit was, she of course said yes. This brought a lot of relief to Corianderkit and she then became the medicine cat apprentice, and was known as Corianderpaw.

    During her apprentice times she slowly transitioned and became bi-gender. Corianderpaw at this time went by the he/him pronouns because he felt as if that fit him more, but never minded she/her pronouns.

    Later during his apprentice times he met Spiritpaw. The medicine cat apprentice of MeadowClan. And at this moment, Corianderpaw knew that his heart fell for Spiritpaw. They became closer and closer and would sometimes secretly meet up at the border and discuss random things.



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