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Fallenstar (DC)

Jun 16, 2019
Fallenstar (DC)
  • Fallenstar

    Former leader of DriftClan.

    Now resides in the Shadow Forest.

    "I will get rid of TorrentClan personally... right after I kill you, Kestrelcall." - Fallenstar to Kestrelcall at the DriftClan and TorrentClan border

    Fallenstar is a strong, tall dark gray she w/ lighter gray pawtips and eartips, emerald green eyes. Has many scars from many battles. Nobody ever dares going against her, or challenge her ways, unless they think they'll win. She's never nice at all, except to her family.

    Roleplayed and owned by jadeeeeee.


    Kit Apprentice Warrior Deputy Leader
    Fallenkit Fallenpaw Fallensun Fallensun Fallenstar


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Honeywhisker Mother Deceased Unknown
    Claystar Father Deceased, smoke inhalation Unknown
    Carpflight Mate Unknown status Unknown
    Cedarwhisker Mate Unknown status Unknown
    Talonfall Mate Unknown status Unknown
    Turtlesplash Kit Unknown status Unknown
    Lilykit Kit Unknown status Unknown
    Stormingkit Kit Unknown status Unknown
    Creekkit Kit Unknown status Unknown
    Scorchkit Kit Unknown status Unknown
    Condorkit Kit Unknown status Unknown

    High Rank Positions(top)

    Name Rank Position Username
    Solarflare Deputy Preceded Unknown
    Tawnystar Deputy Succeeded Nyehehe
    Creekstar Leader Preceded nikkiwikki234
    Tawnystar Leader Succeeded Nyehehe


    Fallenstar was thought to be a nice and kind cat when she was a small kit, but she never lived up to that saying. She was the troublemaker and stubborn one in the nursery and apprentices den. When she was a warrior, she took in Carpflight as a mate. They had two kits, and not long after they become apprentices, Carpflight fell to his death. This made Fallenstar go into a depressed state. She felt guilty about not saving Carpflight in time. Cedarwhisker was just a short-time mate.

    Talonfall is now her mate, and they have four kits. When the Clans left their home during the fire, Fallenstar was deputy at the time. She helped direct the Clans around. When they got to their new makeshift camp, she was horrified to find that her father wasn't there. This made her even more depressed. At the new camp, she noticed that she had less cats, since they either went to TorrentClan or left altogether. She now has a new order where every cat or any cat who leaves gets scarred on their paw. She's very edgy and strict, and will kill if she's mad enough. She hates TorrentClan and EclipseClan, especially Spiderstar. She hopes to make DriftClan strong and loyal, rarely letting rogues or loners in. She is forever grateful to Creekstar, since she gave her life to save her from Kestrelcall. She also has her own little quest of hers to find her biological mother. She ultimately sacrifices herself for her Clan most of the time, but most of them and the other Clans fail to notice. She was murdered by Talonfall, her mate, at a Gathering, and was succeeded by Tawnystar.



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