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Jul 24, 2018
Forest of Fallen Light Wiki
  • The Forest of FallenLight Wiki

    The Forest of FallenLight Wiki

    Welcome to the Forest of FallenLight! The Forest of Fallen Light (FL, or FallenLight), is a Minecraft server powered by MyFallen Gaming Community (MFGC). The server is based on the popular 'Warriors' book series by Erin Hunter.

    With 5 clans and dozens of unique characters, this wiki helps archive and make information more accessible. Learn more about your favourite felines, or simply refresh your clan knowledge.


    DriftClan MeadowClan EclipseClan TorrentClan SleetClan

    Current High Ranks

    Name Rank Clan Player
    Sunstar Leader DriftClan toonpey
    Batchaser Deputy DriftClan Painnt
    Honeyswirl Medicine Cat DriftClan Ambro
    Wolfstar Leader MeadowClan MythicGaming
    Goldensplash Medicine Cat MeadowClan Streudelkitty224
    Cliffpaw Medicine Cat Apprentice MeadowClan Bry_DankMemes__
    Stormstar Leader EclipseClan TheEndieIsNear
    Thornrunner Deputy EclipseClan BonBonBonnie
    Willowpaw Medicine Cat Apprentice EclipseClan Jenny_15
    Fennelstar Leader TorrentClan chesttremolo22
    Quailpaw Medicine Cat TorrentClan Raichu1301
    Glitteringstar Leader SleetClan SailorBirmie
    Petrelfrost Deputy SleetClan SmokeyTheHorse
    Creampaw Medicine Cat SleetClan TsundereCockatoo
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