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Glitteringstar (SC)

Jul 27, 2019
Glitteringstar (SC)
  • Glitteringstar

    Former leader of SleetClan.

    "While I feel that I've lead [SleetClan] to a better, greater place, I know that I can't continue doing this. I realize that I need to spend more time with my own family, especially with keeping an eye on Copperstone now, and it's becoming more difficult for me to keep this clan afloat as well as managing my son." - Glitteringfrost's reason for stepping down as leader

    A fluffy, snowy white she with glittering icy blue eyes. A mixed breed of a Birman and a tabby, she has white paws, but her spotted tabby marks that go down her tail, muzzle, ankles, ears, and the bridge of her nose are a light grey.

    Roleplayed and owned by thebirmster.


    Cold shouldered, very serious, aloof, cunning, and observant, as well as quite the sass and tired. However, when around those she trusts and loves, she’s very warm, caring, and sometimes even jokes, and will protect her loved ones and the clan with her life. She will not hesitate to praise LightClan at any given time, and is constantly inspired that LightClan chose her to lead a new clan.


    Kit of the Tribe of Falling Sleet Trainee of the Tribe of Falling Sleet Guardian of the Tribe of Falling Sleet Loner Guardian of the Tribe of Falling Sleet Lieutenant of the Tribe of Falling Sleet Commander of the Tribe of Falling Sleet Leader of SleetClan Warrior of SleetClan
    Glittering Glittering Pelt That Resembles Glittering Frost Pelt That Resembles Glittering Frost Pelt That Resembles Glittering Frost Glittering Frost During Moon High Glittering Frost During Moon High Glitteringstar Glitteringfrost
    1-6 moons 6-12 moons 12-14 moons 14-15 moons 15-18 moons 18-20 moons 20-23 moons 23-29 moons 29+ moons


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Frostedpine Mother Deceased thebirmster
    Honeydawn Father Alive thebirmster
    Shimmer Sister Deceased, killed by a monster thebirmster
    Copperstone Foster Son Alive ChefEndie
    Glimmeringkit Daughter Alive thebirmster
    Smokekit Daughter Alive 00eelisnt
    Sheepkit Son Alive PrrtWannaCracker
    Leafkit Son Alive theflyingocelot
    Brantkit Son Alive Bry_DankMemes__
    Frostflight Former Mate Alive 00eelisnt


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Waves That Strike The Sky And Sea Mentor Unknown status thebirmster
    Squeakpaw Apprentice Unknown status sseff

    High Rank Positions(top)

    Name Rank Position Username
    Petrelstar Deputy Succeeded SmokeyTheHorse
    Petrelstar Leader Succeeded SmokeyTheHorse


    Name Virtue
    Acornstar Mother's Love
    Snowowl Acceptance
    Wolfkit Hope
    Whitecliff Power
    Brightstar Faith
    Runningblaze Certainty
    Spottedfern Wisdom
    Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown



    - Born to Frostedpine and Honeydawn

    - Abandoned by Honeydawn


    - Mentored by Wavestrike

    - Shimmer (her sister) is killed by a monster on her watch

    - Frostedpine dies from grief

    Guardian/Warrior (12-18 moons)

    - Was named Pelt that Resembles Glittering Frost, or Glitteringfrost

    - Went into a depression from losing her mother and sister in such a short amount of time

    - The then Commander approached her for the lack of effort being put into the pack. As a result, Glittering felt guilt for not supporting the pack and ran off.

    - Glittering met a Clan cat who taught her about LightClan. This new knowledge gave her purpose.

    - Glittering fell in love with the Clan cat. He reproached her for being a pack-born cat and loner and abandoned her.

    - Glittering went back to the pack in shame, but with new meaning and guidance from LightClan. She put more work into supporting the pack. This earned some distrust amongst the pack, but the Commander was proud.

    - Glittering was given a Trainee

    - The Commander, impressed with the newfound hope in Glittering, offered her the position of Lieutenant. She gladly accepted.

    Lieutenant (18-20 moons)(top)

    - The Commander renamed her to Glittering Frost during Moonhigh, in reference to her faith in LightClan.

    - The Commander died

    Commander (20-23 moons)(top)

    - Glittering, according to tradition, successfully hunted a large animal and was accepted as the new Commander.

    - Glittering opened the pack to everyone.

    - Glittering adopted Copper, a loner, and officially made him a member of the Pack of Falling Sleet.

    - Glittering met Petrelfrost, a former Clan cat-turned loner. He told her more about Clan life.

    - Glittering and Petrelfrost decided to officially announce Pack of Falling Sleet at the next gathering to become SleetClan, as it had grown large enough to be considered one. The other clans accepted and agreed.

    - Glittering and Petrelfrost moved SleetClan to its new territory

    Leader (23-29 moons)(top)

    - Glittering went to the Light Rock or whatever and got her lives. This experience with LightClan amazed her and gave her more purpose. Officially renamed to Glitteringstar.

    - Glittering promotes her son, Copper, to a warrior and names him Copperstone

    - Glittering avoided wars between SleetClan and the other clans

    - Glittering names Petrelfrost as her deputy

    - Glittering steps down and has all of her lives revoked due to difficulty with keeping Copperstone under control.

    Warrior (29 moons-???)(top)

    - Copperstone leaves the clan. Glittering is affected by this emotionally

    - Glittering meets Frostflight, a fellow warrior. She falls in love.

    - Glittering is pregnant with Frostflight’s kits. They were never official mates.

    - Glittering meets with Copperstone after his leaving. She is originally angry, but eventually forgives him for his actions. She tells him that she hopes he can see his future brothers and sisters.

    - Glittering announces her pregnancy to Frostflight shortly before she gives birth to Brantkit, Leafkit, Sheepkit, Glimmeringkit, and Smokekit. Frostflight leaves in the middle due to stress.



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