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TorrentClan - Historical

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"LightClan has betrayed us... Come, with me, and join TorrentClan, trusters of the Shadow Forest!" — Kestrelcall at the end of the gathering.

TorrentClan is one of the four clans in the Forest of Fallen Light, and it's the newest of them. They currently live to the South of the Gathering place in a cavern with caves leading off of it. Kestrelcall, former medicine cat of DriftClan, made this Clan for cats wanting to worship the Shadow Forest instead of LightClan.


TorrentClan is a Clan created by Kestrelcall, former medicine cat of DriftClan. These cats have learned to swim and believe in the Shadow Forest instead of LightClan. They have no real official blood yet, as all members were past members of other Clans or were outsiders to the Clans. They have varying pelt color and qualities due to this as well.


The First Territory(top)

TorrentClan's first territory is a cavern inside a mountain riddled with caves, holes and patches of grass with a tree growing inside.

  • Camp - It's surrounded by snow, mountains and plains with a waterfall by the entrance.

  • Training Grounds - Accessible from camp by a fallen tree spanning the dip with a river beneath it. There's a fern for you to fight or a pond to dive down.

  • Vigil Ledge - Located to the left of the Leader's den, it overlooks a frozen winding river and mountains.
    • Gazing Ridge - A ridge found right outside of camp, where star gazing is easy for anyone.

    • Freezing Pond - The pond located in the middle of camp, where the cats can fish for prey, although they eat land prey occasionally. It freezes over a lot in different places.


      During a gathering, Kestrelcall announced to the clans that he, Rowanstar and Twilightwhisper were going to make TorrentClan, a place for cats who didn't believe in LightClan anymore. Together, they founded TorrentClan, which was open to all. This didn't mean they were bloodthirsty cats, on the bridge of rouges, most of them just wanted a life free of LightClan, to be guided by the Shadow Forest. At first, they didn't believe in Shadow Forest cats at all. But In a dream to the Shadow Forest, then they truly believed in them.

      High Rank History(top)

      Leaders and Their Deputies(top)

      Name Deputies Status Successor Username
      Rowanthorn/star Echostar Dead, impaled in the heart by the Highbranch Echostar graciewentz
      Echoflower/star Smogstar Dead, killed by dogs Smogstar AmberCandy
      Smogcloud/star Mudstar Dead, killed by Sandpool Mudstar nikkiwikki234
      Mudsplash/star Cherryblossom, Nettlestar Dead, unknown cause Nettlestar Prrt
      Nettlestar Smogstar Unknown, left before their time Smogstar ItsBree
      Smogstream/star Fennelstar Dead, killed by Hunter Fennelstar Bry_DankMemes__
      Fennelwing/star None Dead, passed in her sleep Cougarstar chesttremolo22
      Cougarstrike/star None Alive, current leader None UnMuteYaBoy

      Medicine Cats and Their Apprentices(top)

      Name Apprentices Status Successor Username
      Twilightpaw/whisper Wrencall Dead, heart attack Wrencall Unknown
      Wrenpaw/call Hazelwhisker Alive, retired Hazelwhisker Sm0lSam
      Hazelpaw/whisker Charredsplash Dead, unknown cause Charredsplash Unknown
      Charredpaw/splash Crowwhisker Dead, killed by dogs Crowwhisker Bry_DankMemes__
      Crowpaw/whisker Olivebranch Dead, killed by Mudstar Olivebranch Unknown
      Olivepaw/branch Cleargaze Dead, unknown cause Cleargaze Unknown
      Clearpaw/gaze Swallowflight Dead, unknown cause Swallowflight Bry_DankMemes__
      Swallowpaw/flight Pidgeonchirp Dead, unknown cause Pidgeonchirp jpmscult
      Pidgeonpaw/chirp Hollowchirp Dead, unknown cause Hollowchirp Reeselizz
      Hollowpaw/chirp Oceanblossom Unknown, left before their time Oceanblossom Zilvercreeper67
      Oceanpaw/blossom Flowerblossom Dead, drowned Flowerblossom SailorBirmie
      Flowerpaw/blossom Hootpaw Unknown, left before their time Hootpaw FlyingOcelot
      Hootpaw Quailpaw Unknown, left before their time Quailpaw Sci_FiCats
      Quailpaw None Unknown status Blurrypaw Raichu1301
      Blurrypaw None Alive, current medicine cat None Reeselizz