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SleetClan - Historical

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SleetClan is one of the five Clans in the Forest of Fallen Light. They currently live farther away from the other clans. Their territory is completely covered in snow and ice, with one half being made of a forest and the other containing barren, spike-like glaciers. The camp is located at the border between the two environments, enclosed by hills.


SleetClan is the newest of the five clans, originally being a pack known as The Pack Of Falling Sleet. Members of this clan usually have a high tolerance for the cold, and thick, pale furs. Apprentices are trained to grip ice easily and traverse snow with ease. Cats tend to be larger than average, and more sturdy. Cats from the original pack are seen as prideful, and almost cold to the newer cats that joined recently. Many choose to cling to old traditions, such as keeping their pack names, or using old ranking terms. Cats in this clan enjoy snowhares as a main source of food, though they often "ice-fish" for fish as well. One particular hunting tradition is the "pack hunt", where a large group, originally the entire pack, would hunt one large prey (eg: a baby deer) together. Usually only done in desperate times, now the hunt only takes place in celebration. New leaders often go through an initiation hunt, where they take down a large prey on their own. Success in the hunt is a good omen for the leader's term, while failure is often seen as a sign of misfortune.


The Pack Territory(top)

The original camp used by SleetClan back in it's pack days consisted of a snowy clearing backed by a hill. Next to the main entrance stood their forest, which was their hunting grounds. Often they would fish in the waters opposite the forest.

  • Camp - The camp was surrounded by hills, with two entrances faced opposite of each other. The main entrance faced a vast forest which served as the main hunting grounds, while the other entrance faced the sea, where cats would fish.

  • Frostbite Cavern - This was the name for the Warriors den, originally the Guardians den. The den consisted of a tunnel leading to the main cavern, which had an open mouth facing a small section of the forest and a nearby river.

  • The Big Tree - A large tree by the entrances of the Elders den and the tunnel for Frostbite Cavern. The tree fell as an omen from LightClan for SleetClan to move to its new territory.

The Clan Territory(top)

The new Clan Territory for SleetClan is completely covered in ice and snow, and consists of two different biomes, one being a forest and another being a barren snowfield covered with spike-like glaciers.

  • Camp - The camp sits on the border of the forest and snowfield, and is surrounded by hills. The various dens of the camp are built into either the glaciers or the hills, with the exception of the Elders den, which is built completely underground.

  • Freyja - The largest tree in the forest, Freyja sits on top of the largest hill in the territory, and over the camp. A hidden tunnel below the roots of Freyja links into a small cavern in the hill.

  • Wishing Pond - A small pond next to the Medicine Cat Den. Legend says that those with the purest of hearts have their wishes granted there.

  • Frostbite Cavern Named after the original cavern, the new one now serves as the Training Grounds for apprentices. A steep drop into the cavern reveals a bed of small ice-spikes. Apprentices learn how to fight and maneuver around ice.

  • Aven's Vale - A hollowed log covering a small grove of flowers located in the forest. A single red flower stands out amongst the rest.

  • The Glacier Spikes - Making up one half of the total territory, these spikes are both dangerous and good protection from invaders.

  • The Forest - A vast pine forest covered in snow. Home to many species of prey, with snowhares being the most common.

The Third Territory(top)

The second Clan (third) territory is located on the other side of the tall, jagged, and snowy mountains, lying under a pile of ever-falling snow in a deep, rugged dip. Dens run into the cliff sides and wind through in trails, providing warmth and comfort for every cat. A glacier resides on the other side of the mountain.

  • Camp - The camp sits under the moon in a dip in the mountain that protects them from the harsh and brutal winds. Several trees flow over the camp, and logs and caves are used as dens. The terrain is rugged and icy, and is most often covered in a layer of thick snow.

  • Forest - Under a rise of the mountain that spirals into an arch, a spruce forest gives hunting grounds and shelter to the cats. It is also used as a training area, though the steep cliffs on the side provides a much better - though dangerous - experience for apprentices.

  • Arch - The arch rises between the camp and the forest, providing a great look-out and training area for cats of all ages. However, the sheer height of the arch makes it dangerous, especially when the wind blows over camp.


Originally, SleetClan was a pack known as the Pack Of Falling Sleet. Existing for countless moons, the pack followed the guidance of themselves, and not that of any spiritual beliefs. Many traditions originated from the pack, like pack hunts, and their names. One such tradition was the Successor Tradition, where the current Commander (the leader) would pick a Lieutenant (the deputy) who was one of their kin. This was most often the Commander's own kits, and the ceremony was held 6 months after the kin's initiation ceremony. However, one Commander broke this rule when he announced he would be making Glittering Frost During Moonhigh, or Glitteringfrost, his Lieutenant, despite the fact he did have his own kits. While some were outraged by this, others were in high expectation of what the future would become. As Commander, Glitteringfrost changed the structure of the pack, by first opening the pack for all to join, and then slowly morphing the growing pack into a more clan-like structure. A believer in LightClan, she met former MeadowClan medicine cat Petrelfrost, and decided to make the pack an official. With the approval of LightClan, it was announced that The Pack of Falling Sleet was now SleetClan, much to the confusion of the other clans, TorrentClan in particular acting hostile. The clan recently has moved to their new camp, and has received their first medicine cat, Bumpypaw, who will train under Petrelfrost.

High Rank History(top)

Leaders and Their Deputies(top)

Name Deputies Status Successor Username
Glitteringfrost/star Petrelstar Alive, stepped down Petrelstar thebirmster
Petrelfrost/star None Alive, stepped down None SmokeyTheHorse

Medicine Cats and Their Apprentices(top)

Name Apprentices Status Successor Username
Bumpypaw/bank None Alive, stepped down Creamtuft ShadowHusky1231
Creampaw/tuft None Alive, current medicine cat None TsundereCockatoo