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Oceanstar (MC)

Jan 24, 2019
Oceanstar (MC)
  • Oceanstar

    Former leader of MeadowClan.

    A slender, swift grey she-cat with darker grey legs, tip tail, and dapples on her lower back. Intense amber eyes. A scar on her left shoulder. Her right ear has a V cut in it.

    Roleplayed and owned by TotallyNotWynter.


    Kit: Aspenkit

    Apprentice: Aspenpaw

    Warrior: Aspenflight

    Deputy: Aspenflight

    Leader: Oceanstar


    Father: Hollysky (deceased)

    Mother: Unknown

    Sibling: Cometstorm (deceased)

    Mates: Brightstream, Thunderstrike

    Kits: Gorsekit, Sunkit, Lakekit, Riverkit, Shellkit, Creekkit, Streamkit


    Mentor: Unknown

    Apprentice: Unknown

    Deputy Position(top)

    Preceded By: Sunstar

    Succeeded By: Shadowedstar


    Is half MeadowClan, half EclipseClan. She was brought to MeadowClan and fostered by Sunstar's parents. She was killed by Ebony and Ivory the rogues and now resides in the Void.



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