Raintail (DC)

Jul 5, 2018
Raintail (DC)
  • Raintail

    Currently a warrior of DriftClan. Was formerly a warrior of MeadowClan.

    “That is no longer my Clan, and I am no longer your old warrior pal.” — Raintail to Wolfstar on the border between MeadowClan and DriftClan.

    Raintail is a grey tabby tom with white specks, one white paw, and water blue eyes. He is missing an eye from when Grumpyface took it out.

    Roleplayed and owned by Bry_DankMemes__.


    Raintail is a generally optimistic cat. Nothing really bothers him that much. However, when it comes to a debate between right and wrong or loyalty he'll quickly pick sides. After his experience with Wolfstar in MeadowClan he isn't one to sit by and watch cats be mistreated.


    Kit: Rainkit

    Apprentice: Rainpaw

    Warrior: Raintail

    DriftClan Warrior: Raintail


    Unknown family tree.


    Mentor: Littledipper

    Apprentice: Windypaw (former MeadowClan apprentice)


    Raintail was a loyal warrior to his former Clan, MeadowClan. He never questioned any of his leader's actions and was at peace with the life he had. However, everything changed when Wolfstar took command. He had overheard a conversation between him and his former friend, Grumpyface. Wolfstar had asked the other cat to be second in command and fight alongside him against SleetClan. Wolfstar tried to make an example of what he did to "traitors", ordering Grumpyface to remove Raintail's tail. Raintail pleaded his innocence but to no avail, being attacked by his former friend Grumpyface and losing an eye in the battle. Following the event, he led a group of MeadowClan cats to DriftClan, where he hoped that he would have a better life and be treated fairly.



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