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Rowanstar (TC)

Jun 17, 2019
Rowanstar (TC)
  • Rowanstar

    Former leader of TorrentClan.

    Now resides in the Shadow Forest.

    "The Warrior Code doesn't seem to matter - not to the original three Clans, and not to TorrentClan. We are one in the same - corrupted rule breakers. But what does it matter?" - Rowanstar to Wrencall in the Shadow Forest

    Rowanstar is a russet tabby tom, with dark stripes, and dark green eyes.

    Roleplayed and owned by graciewentz.


    DriftClan Kit DriftClan Apprentice DriftClan Warrior TorrentClan Leader
    Rowankit Rowanpaw Rowanthorn Rowanstar

    High Rank Positions(top)

    Name Rank Position Username
    Echostar Leader Succeeded AmberCandy


    Came from DriftClan as Rowanthorn originally after being asked by Kestrelcall to become leader of TorrentClan. Went to TorrentClan, chose Echoflower as deputy, and died literally right after when the High Branch broke off, impaled him through the chest, and sunk him to the bottom of the icey pond below, until he floated back to the top. He went to the Shadow Forest, as most TorrentClan cats have and will. He often visits Wrencall and Smogcloud.



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