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Shadedwing (EC)

Jun 17, 2019
Shadedwing (EC)
  • Shadedwing

    Former deputy of EclipseClan.

    Now resides in LightClan.

    "I will do my best to serve the Clan, Ravenstar." - Shadedwing to Ravenstar in her deputy ceremony

    A long furred, dark gray tabby she-cat with piercing amber eyes and a torn left ear.

    Roleplayed and owned by AlmightyPiLord.


    Kit Apprentice Warrior Deputy
    Shadedkit Shadedpaw Shadedwing Shadedwing


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Buzzardstrike Mate Alive TsundereCockatoo

    High Rank Positions(top)

    Name Rank Position Username
    Ravenstar Deputy Preceded Unknown
    Eveningstar Deputy Succeeded Unknown


    Became deputy of EclipseClan, but was killed by dogs moons later. Now resides in LightClan.



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