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Shadow Forest

Aug 10, 2019
Shadow Forest
  • Shadow Forest

    The Shadow Forest is a chaotic place, the final resting place for cats who committed heinous crimes during the span of their lives. It is here that they are forgotten by the clans, only living on through the fear they've instilled in others.


    Life in the Shadow Forest is a constant fight to the death. Full of the most malicious cats in history, the most dominant remain while the weaker cats are killed off or spared by their pity. The dark, gloomy surroundings completely contrast with that of the bright, peaceful LightClan. Many of these cats despise those living in LightClan, and would jump at the chance to attack anyone there.

    Residing High Ranks(top)

    Name Rank Clan Cause of Death Username
    Mudsplash/star Leader TorrentClan Ate Deathberries PrrtWannaCracker
    Wolfcall/star Leader MeadowClan Killed by Batstar Mythic_Gaming
    Sunshower/star Leader DriftClan Killed by Whitefang PrrtWannaCracker
    Cherryblossom Deputy TorrentClan Fell from a cliff thebirmster

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