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Shatteredwing (EC)

Jan 24, 2019
Shatteredwing (EC)
  • Shatteredwing

    Former member of EclipseClan.

    “Stay out of this Nightwing...” — Shatteredwing trying to kill her apprentice.

    A dark gray tabby she-cat with a missing left eye, which is covered by a large scar. A single amber eye. pelt is covered with scars.

    Roleplayed and owned by Spottedleaf0729.


    Kit: Shatteredkit

    Apprentice: Shatteredpaw

    Warrior: Shatteredwing


    Father: Unknown

    Mother: Unknown

    Sister: Nightwing (deceased)

    Mate: None


    Mentor: Unknown

    Apprentice: Ashpaw


    Soon after becoming a warrior, she lost her eye battling a rogue near the border. Seeking revenge, she became thirsty for the blood of rogues, and eventually, for other cats as well. She kept her many kills secret from the rest of her Clan, and eventually received an apprentice, Ashpaw. Soon after receiving her apprentice, she went too far during battle training and gravely injured her apprentice, tearing off her paw and blinding her left eye. Nightwing, her brother, saw her as she was tearing her apprentice apart and, in a fit of rage, struck a killing blow to Shatteredwing's throat. Her apprentice, Ashpaw, whom became Ashfall, was saved.



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