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Smoggyskies (DC)

Jul 19, 2019
Smoggyskies (DC)
  • Smoggyskies

    Former medicine cat of DriftClan.

    Now resides in the LightClan.

    "Then by the powers of LightClan, I give you your full name as a medicine cat. Deathpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Deathberry; a name that represents how you quickly bring suffering to an end. LightClan honors your eagerness, excitement, and helpfulness, and we welcome you as a full medicine cat of DriftClan." -Smoggyskies to Deathpaw in Deathberry's Medicine Cat Ceremony

    Smoggyskies was a short and stocky she-cat with an ashen-grey pelt. She had ebony black fur that ran from her small, dainty paws to her knees. Both her pelt and the fur on her tail were sleek and had thin fur, but her fur would naturally grow out during the leaf-bare moons and shed off during the new-leaf season. Her eyes were a deep royal blue around the iris with a ring of navy circling the royal blue. Smoggyskies wore a kind and patient expression on her face.

    Roleplayed and owned by toonpey.


    As a kit, Smoggykit was mischievous and a trouble-maker. She was very into playing intense games, usually to someone else's misfortune. Often times, she'd play pranks on other kits, too, and occasionally she was harsh and had little patience with kits who didn't want or decide to play along with her "jokes." Though she was a genuinely kindhearted cat and was keen on learning, Smoggykit did not have the personality suitable to be a medicine cat.

    Smoggyskies as a warrior and later a medicine cat was much more patient and a lot less sinister to her clanmates. She loved everyone around her. She was caring and oftentimes would feel so much pain for others who are suffering around her. Also, she was very dedicated to her work as a medicine cat and to training her beloved apprentice, Deathpaw. Smoggyskies was always looking for ways to improve herself to be a better warrior, then mother, and later medicine cat.

    Her sharp tongue and quick thinking were assets as well as her usual level-headedness. So much happened in her life that it made it difficult for little things to shake her. She was also a medicine cat, so she knew all about the power of healing, but she was also a warrior at one point and knew all the fighting and hunting techniques of a regular warrior. Being a mother taught her patience, and the many friends throughout her life taught her social skills that benefited her in the future. In all, Smoggyskies was a pretty well-rounded cat.

    When she was a medicine cat, any mention of her kits would send her into a depressed state, and whenever she was in this state, she had the possibility of thinking irrationally and saying things she would later regret. Smogs was also quite the trouble-starter with her words, and got into a few skirmishes with rogues toward the end of her life.


    Kit Apprentice Warrior Medicine Cat Warrior
    Smoggykit Smoggypaw Smoggyskies Smoggyskies Smoggyskies


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Fawndapple Mother Deceased, died during kitting toonpey
    Hawkswoop Father Deceased, suicide toonpey
    Foggydawn Brother Deceased, suicide Reeselizz
    Greenpaw Son Alive GhostieKing
    Ravinekit Son Deceased, stillborn toonpey
    Mushroomkit Daughter Deceased, stillborn Jackalspring
    Fivekit Daughter Deceased, accidentally ate deathberries CackleJackal
    Greenpaw Son Alive GhostieKing
    Flutteringdove Daughter Deceased, fell off Hawk Hill CackleJackal
    Shiverchill Daughter Alive AvisOwl
    Hazyshine Daughter Alive puppylover123
    Chipmunkfur Daughter Alive Reeselizz
    Tinyskies Adopted Daughter Alive Rosepetalz
    Spiderblood Adopted Daughter Deceased, murdered by rogue AvisOwl
    Voidwalker Mate Alive ghost_recon_dude
    Jackalspring Mate Deceased, old age Jackalspring


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Gooseplume Warrior Mentor Alive SmokeyTheHorse
    Hazelbreeze Mentor Unknown status, left Clan _Doost
    Deathberry Apprentice Deceased, suicide by deathberries Zoostargaming

    High Rank Positions(top)

    Name Rank Position Username
    Hazelbreeze Preceded Medicine Cat _Doost
    Deathberry Succeeded Medicine Cat Zoostargaming



    Smoggykit mainly participated in games as a young kit. She played with the many other kits living in DriftClan at the time, but her best friend was definitely Dreamkit. Her other good friends included Hazelbreeze, who was the medicine cat at the time, Foggykit, who was her brother, Snowkit, and a few others.

    Once while playing Hide 'n Seek, Smoggykit found herself trapped underneath the root of a tree while hiding. The root pinned her against a floor of mud, pushing her and nearly drowning her in the mud. Snowkit and Foggykit save her from drowning.

    Smoggykit also watched her best friend, Dreamkit, become Hazelbreeze's medicine cat apprentice.


    Smoggypaw had a loose relationship with any sort of mentor during this phase in her life, though she turned out to be a pretty good warrior.

    Smoggypaw's relationship with Dreampaw was also developing during the early moons of her apprenticeship. The two expressed mild feelings for each other, though neither made a declaration for the other.

    Time passed, and Smoggypaw met two of her closest friends: Voidwalker and Fiveclaw. She helped the two become mates through constant teasing, until they openly expressed that Smoggypaw was right and that they did in fact have feelings for each other. Though the two warriors were lovers, Smoggypaw never felt like she was third wheeling.

    Jackalspring was another cat Smoggypaw met during this time. He was an EclipseClan warrior who had just graduated from being an apprentice. The two formed a strong bond, and Smoggypaw even began to develop feelings for him. Suddenly, though, the tom-cat disappeared, and the two stopped visiting each other at the borders.

    Right before becoming a warrior, Smoggypaw spent time with Lionstar, the DriftClan leader at the time, on a border patrol. A tree trunk snapped in half and crushed Lionstar in front of Smoggypaw's eyes. She tried her best to pull him out from under the tree trunk, but it was to no avail. Lionstar ended up losing a life.

    Hazelbreeze had disappeared, leaving Dreampaw to be the medicine cat of DriftClan. This worried Smoggypaw slightly.

    Smoggypaw ended her chapter as an apprentice by graduating to a warrior. Lionstar delivered her warrior ceremony the night of a gathering, and she was given the name Smoggyskies. Foggypaw was also made a warrior, and he was given the name Foggydawn.


    Smoggyskies and Dreampaw shared a conversation after the gathering (the one that Smoggyskies was made a warrior right before) about their future and how much they had grown. Though Smoggyskies had aged and time had passed, she still held on to the little crush she had on Dreampaw. That was, until he disappeared just like his mentor had, leaving DriftClan without medicine cat.

    As a warrior, Smoggyskies spent most of her time with Fiveclaw and Voidwalker. The three grew even closer than before. One day, though, her two friends disappeared. Smoggyskies searched for them, until she found Voidwalker, now a rogue known as Abyss, at the border. Abyss told Smoggyskies that Fiveclaw had fallen to her death and that he had left the clan, too depressed by Fiveclaw's death to return. By spending time together, Smoggyskies was able to coax Abyss back into DriftClan. He changed his name back.

    Moons passed by quickly, and Voidwalker and Smoggyskies developed feelings for each other. The two became mates, and Smoggyskies ended up pregnant.

    Smoggyskies also met Blueflower, a DriftClan tom-cat who became her best friend.

    Honeystar, the leader of DriftClan at the time, appointed Smoggyskies to the position as medicine cat. She accepted the role in order to help the clan, and she gave up her mate and left her kits in the careful paws of Voidwalker and Blueflower.

    Medicine Cat(top)

    Smoggyskies was pregnant the first half-moon of being medicine cat, but once she had her kits, she had to give them up. Her kits were named Greenkit, Flutteringkit, Fivekit, Mushroomkit, and Ravinekit. Blueflower was upset with Smoggyskies, because he believed that she had given up her family for a silly role. This put a strain on their relationship, though Blueflower continued to care for her kits.

    Without a formal mentor, Smoggyskies was left to other medicine cats to be trained. Petrelfrost (Firstly MeadowClan and later Loner), Fallenskies (EclipseClan), and Whisperpaw (EclipseClan) trained Smoggyskies. LightClan also guided her paws.

    During this time, Smogyskies met many cats who influenced who she became. Tinykit, a blind she-kit who needed a mother figure, came to Smoggyskies seeking love, and the medicine cat learned a lot about handling blind kits through Tinykit. She later adopted the she-kit. Smoggyskies also met Spiderkit, who was the daughter of an abusive tom named Roachjaw. Smoggyskies had Roachjaw driven out, but not before he permanently crippled Spiderkit's hind legs and hurt her brain, hindering her from ever walking properly. Smoggyskies built a cart that would go behind Spiderkit's hind-legs and could be used as a moving walker; it supported her on all sides and allowed for her to walk without falling over. Another important cat Smoggyskies met during this time was Berrypaw. Berrypaw was attracted to the life of a medicine cat, but Smoggyskies couldn't see LightClan's approval behind her. Smoggyskies learned how to say no through Berrypaw.

    One of the most important kits Smoggyskies met during this time was Deathkit. Smoggyskies and Deathkit became very close, but it was almost too close. Deathkit began to think that he understood what to do if Smoggyskies wasn't around to treat anyone and started healing patients on his own, using her supplies. When Smoggyskies found that Deathkit was doing this, she banned him from the medicine cat den. About a half-moon later, she repealed that ban and allowed for Deathkit to return. This was right before Smoggyskies appointed Deathkit to be her medicine cat apprentice.

    The relationships between Smoggyskies, Voidwalker, and her kits were a little rocky. Voidwalker was upset that she had left him, and her kits blamed her for leaving. Part of Smoggyskies grew dejected over time.

    Smoggyskies witnessed Lionskies, who later changed his name to Blazingskies, become the deputy of DriftClan under Honeystar.

    Another event, if not one of the most important events in Smoggyskies's life, was her reunion with her old EclipseClan friend, Jackalspring. The two quickly hit it off again, telling each other everything and spending countless hours together. Jackalspring ended up leaving EclipseClan to live life as a rogue for a while; he felt threatened by another EclipseClan tom-cat, Tigerblitz. On multiple occasions, Smoggyskies had to hide Jackalspring from Tigerblitz so the tom-cat would not end up attacking Jackalspring. Smoggyskies promised Jackalspring that she'd get him into DriftClan as soon as the opportunity presented itself, but many moons whisked by before she was able to get Honeystar's approval.

    During those many moons, Smoggyskies helped defend Jackalspring from numerous attacks from rogues. She also would patch him up after the fights. Only once was Smoggyskies seriously afraid he might have died, but she worked fast to save his life.

    Once Jackalspring was in DriftClan, the two were inseparable, arousing a lot of suspicion from other clan members. Blazingskies was one of these warriors. He caught the two embracing outside of camp, but Foggydawn quickly came to Smoggyskies's defense. Blazingskies backed off slightly, but remained wary. He was definitely onto something; the two had fallen helplessly for each other.

    Smoggyskies knew she was pregnant, and she knew she couldn't make the same mistake of trying to balance her medicine cat role and her role as a mother. It had ended poorly before, and now it was against the Medicine Cat Code for her to do. As soon as she could, Smoggyskies delivered Deathpaw's assessment. It consisted of two parts: a verbal test and an herb gathering test, both of which Deathpaw passed with flying colors. Smoggyskies gave Deathpaw his medicine cat ceremony the same day, and she gave him the name Deathberry. At the end of the ceremony, Smoggyskies announced she was pregnant (which caused Blazingskies to say, "I knew it!") and resigned from her position.


    Smoggyskies became official mates with Jackalspring, and Smoggyskies had their litter of three kits: Hazykit, Chipmunkkit, and Shiverkit.


    At the border between DriftClan and Rogue terrrtory, Smoggyskies came across her old enemy: Roachjaw. The two still hated each other, and when attacked by Roachjaw, Smoggyskies fought back viciously.

    The two exchanged blow after blow at each other until Smoggyskies knocked down Roachjaw. His head hit a rock lying on the forest floor, causing head trauma. The tom-cat died instantly.

    Smoggyskies had suffered severe blood loss from multiple gashes along her flanks and a deep wound to her neck. The she-cat crumpled to the forest floor and bled out. Her final thoughts were of her friends, family, and DriftClan.

    After days of Smoggyskies being gone from the clan, Foggydawn and Deathberry went out as a mini search party to find her. Instead, they found her lifeless body next to Roachjaw's. The two tom-cats buried Smoggyskies and Roachjaw.

    Foggydawn tried to commit suicide after burying Smoggyskies, but Voidwalker promptly intervened, telling him not to. Dismissing Voidwalker's advice, Foggydawn poisoned himself with a deathberry anyways.

    Deathberry fell into a depressed and anxious state after Smoggyskies's death.

    Life in LightClan(top)

    Smoggyskies spent life after death in LightClan, watching over her many kits and her mate, Jackalspring, who was still alive in DriftClan. When Jackalspring died of old age, the two were reunited in LightClan and have been happily watching over their kits ever since.

    In LightClan, Smoggyskies performed one medicine cat ceremony for Hawkpaw of EclipseClan. She gave him the name Hawkdapple.

    Smoggyskies has also given lives to Blazingstar (DriftClan), Crowstar (EclipseClan), Bouncestar (MeadowClan), and Wolfstar (MeadowClan). She gives the Life of Empowerment.



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