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Sunstar (DC)

Jul 19, 2019
Sunstar (DC)
  • Sunstar

    Former leader of DriftClan.

    Now resides in the Shadow Forest.

    "Your battle is with SleetClan. Not with your own. If you keep attacking yourself, so to speak, then there will be no one left to fight for." - Sunstar to Wolfstar after Wolfstar reveals the truth about his punishments on disobedient MeadowClanners

    Sunstar is a short, golden-furred, British Shorthair mix she-cat with pretty mint green eyes. Her chest fur is white, and her right, hind paw is white, too. The fur all over her body is short, including the fur on her tail. Adorning her head is a flower crown made of varying different kinds of pink and yellow flowers, but in the center of the crown holds one blue flower. There's usually a gleam in her eyes and a smile on her pretty face. There are a few scars on her haunches from falling off the High Branch, which claimed her first life.

    Roleplayed and owned by toonpey.


    Sunstar is very kind and sweet, but is tough on herself. She is super self aware and conscious of her actions, causing her to be very hard on herself. Her top priorities are always of her clan and loved ones, which she’ll do anything for, even at her own risk. Sunstar is easy to worry, but she can’t stand seeing others concerned with her. She’s always trying to look the best for her clan, so she hates seeing others worried over her. Sunstar also has a sharp tongue when she needs it and doesn’t mind admitting she needs help or is wrong, just as long as she learns from it. She is also very optimistic and hopeful for the future.


    Kit Apprentice Warrior Deputy Leader MeadowClan Warrior
    Sunkit Sunpaw Sunshower Sunshower Sunstar Sunshower


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Willowshine Foster Mother Unknown status Melpuff
    Blazingstar Foster Father Deceased, died in his sleep Sonari
    Deathberry Foster Brother Deceased, suicide by deathberry Zoostargaming
    Fogskies Foster Brother Alive Sonari
    Lionkit Foster Brother Unknown Status Melpuff
    Deathberry Foster Brother Deceased, suicide by deathberry Zoostargaming
    Skieskit Foster Sister Deceased Zoostargaming
    Magnoliapaw Foster Sister Deceased, killed by TorrentClan warrior Sonari
    Streamsearch Foster Sister Alive Rosepetalz
    Stonecrackle Foster Sister Alive AvisOwl
    Rainbowstream Foster Sister Deceased, killed by rogue Sonari
    Mooncrest Foster Sister Deceased, old age Sonari
    Foxsong Foster Aunt Deceased, old age Sonari
    Doveclaw Foster Aunt Deceased, old age Sonari
    Dewmoon Foster Aunt Alive Armagenddon
    Puddleskies Foster Uncle Alive CackleJackal
    Sharpeye Foster Uncle Deceased, old age Sonari
    Tallvine Foster Uncle Deceased, old age Melpuff
    Tadpolekit Foster Cousin Deceased, head injury Sonari
    Maskedpaw Foster Niece Deceased TsundereCockatoo
    Mountainkit Foster Niece Deceased Armagenddon
    Witheredsong Foster Nephew Alive AvisOwl
    Rubblekit Foster Nephew Deceased AvisOwl
    Clayblaze Foster Nephew Alive BirmTheShrekStan
    Cherrypaw Daughter Unknown status Ari
    Littlepaw Son Unknown status Rosepetalz
    Wanderpaw Son Unknown status AwesomePuppyGirl
    Sandstream Adopted Son Alive Eaglefrost_
    Howlingstar Daughter Alive Gigi4743
    Lostheart Mate Deceased, killed by Silenttears AwesomePuppyGirl
    Wolfcall Mate Deceased, kiled by Batstar Mythic_Gaming


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Blazingstar Mentor Deceased, passed in his sleep Sonari
    Creekpaw Apprentice Unknown status Reeselizz
    Honeypaw Apprentice Unknown status Unknown

    High Rank Positions(top)

    Name Rank Position Username
    Blazingstar Deputy Preceded Sonari
    Batstar Deputy Succeeded Painteh
    Blazingstar Leader Preceded Sonari
    Batstar Leader Succeeded Painteh


    Sunkit didn’t do much during her kit years. She grew to realize her parents were dead and that she was at the mercy of the other queens in the nursery.

    The day Sunkit became an apprentice, her whole world shifted. Her mentor was Blazingskies, and he also offered to adopt her. She accepted. During this time, she met many of her friends, all of which she “tormented” with her crazy bundles of energy and extremely playful nature. Near the end of her apprenticeship, Sunpaw’s warrior assessment was cut short when a fox attacked her during her hunting mission. Her and Blazingskies fought off the fox, and he awarded her with her warrior name, Sunshower, for her bravery in battle.

    Sunshower spent most of her time as a warrior training her beloved apprentice, Sandpaw, and continuing her duties. She was eventually picked by Blazingstar to be her deputy, and she humbly accepted. As deputy, it should also be noted that Sunshower met many of her friends, including Lostheart. She quickly fell in love with the tom, and the two became mates. They adopted kits together, Cherrykit and Littlekit.

    Lostheart unfortunately was murdered, and Sunshower was thrown into a period of grief. This was when Sunshower met Wolfcall. The two soon became friends and later lovers.

    Sunshower received her lives after her first gathering as leader, and went by the name Sunstar. She remained neutral on the war against SleetClan.

    Under unfortunate circumstances, Wolfstar and Sunstar split. Sunstar had become pregnant before the separation and decided to keep the kits when they were born. Losttail told Sunstar he'd help raise the kits when they were born, but he was hit by a car and was confined to the medicine cat den. Two kits were born, a she-kit and a tom-kit. The she-kit, who resembled Wolfstar more than Sunstar, was named Howlingkit. On the other hand, the tom-kit was named Wanderkit in tribute to Sunstar's first mate, Lostheart.

    Sunstar also changed her stance on remaining neutral after the split and shared an alliance with SleetClan.

    Sunstar retired at a gathering, earning her warrior name Sunshower back. She decided she wanted to focus on her kits and spend more time with her family. She was eventually granted permission to move to MeadowClan, and reunited with Wolfstar, who had just stepped down to become Wolfcall. Howlingwolf became leader and the family lived a happy life in their new home.



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