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Tumblestep (MC)

Jan 25, 2019
Tumblestep (MC)
  • Tumblestep

    Former warrior of MeadowClan.

    “I am here for you, Patchcloud, and I would never leave.” — Tumblestep to Patchcloud.

    A sturdily built brindled dark gray tom with black legs and a white muzzle. His right leg is twisted over his left leg from birth, so it's hard for him to walk. He is calm and nervous, and can be very bitter at times.

    Roleplayed and owned by chesttremolo22.


    Kit: Tumblekit

    Apprentice: Tumblepaw

    Warrior: Tumblestep


    Father: Unknown

    Mother: Unknown

    Siblings: None

    "Former" Mate: Patchcloud (deceased)

    Kits: None


    Mentor: Unknown

    Apprentice: Unknown


    His kithood is unsure, but when he met Patchcloud as an apprentice, he regained hope in himself. He soon found himself falling in love with her, as she had rescued him from his longtime sadness of not being useful to the Clan. Both had confessed their love from when they were apprentices, and they still have that spark. Tumblestep then graduated from an apprentice to a warrior and he was no longer shy and reserved. Patchcloud had brought him out into the open, and he could never be more in debt to her. A flick of time passed, and Patchcloud had attracted 5 toms that were wanting to create a special relationship with her. Tumblestep couldn't handle the jealousy, so he avoided her. Heatherstar soon broke them up, saying their love was against the code and that they couldnt be more than friends. Tumblestep ignored her for awhile, seeing as she had her paws full with the 5 dying toms who had tried so hard to gain her affections. After awhile, Patchcloud and Tumblestep were brought together again from Patchycloud's will and Tumblestep's consideration.



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