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Wrencall (TC)

Jul 21, 2019
Wrencall (TC)
  • Wrencall

    Former medicine cat of TorrentClan.

    "We cannot be together... the code does not allow it." - Wrencall to Rowanstar about Smogstar

    A silver-tabby she-cat with darker stripes. Dull blue eyes and with a fluffy tail, she has a small frame. Her right eye is blinded, with several scars on her body. Nicked ears, three-legged.

    Roleplayed and owned by catcorgi.


    Kit Medicine Cat Apprentice Medicine Cat
    Wrenkit Wrenpaw Wrencall


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Shiningsnow Father Deceased Unknown
    Smogstar Mate Deceased, killed by Sandpool nikkiwikki234


    Name Relationship Status Username
    Twilightwhisper Mentor Deceased, heart attack BirmTheShrekStan
    Hazelwhisker Apprentice Deceased Unknown


    Wrencall originally started out in EclipseClan, but was taken to DriftClan by Kestrelcall. She remained in the Med Den, due to her injuries. They then transferred to TorrentClan, and she ranked up to being the Medicine Cat.



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